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Loriann working on her painting in our private workshop in my studio today. Fun! #art #artist #studio #studiotable #encaustic

Aside from cleaning up the chaos that ensued post show,I have not been in the studio all week. Until yesterday, when I had a private painting workshop with a really wonderful artist from the D.C. area. Her hands in the above photo. Love her colors!

I have been working on a redesign of my website. Should be done soon. Editing out of old works, inputting new work, new categories. A fresh look. Also my blog will be on my website, hopefully that transition will go smoothly. Keeping my fingers crossed on that.

I am looking forward to getting back into the studio again. Right now though it is finally summer vacation and we’ve been busy with this summer business of popsicle and ice cream eating, chasing fireflies and marathon monopoly games. While I’m thoroughly enjoying it, making and what’s next is always on my mind, lurking about. Every time I finish a body of work, I want to turn around and do something completely different. Do other people experience that? Like I want to pull out my oil paints and just do straight up landscapes or a series of still life fruit. I’m not joking. Maybe I will do it, just for me.

DJ Berger sent a newsletter out recently and this last part of what he wrote is just plain truth:

“…art is a thing that gives us meaning. I imagine something, I make it out of nothing, with my own hands, and it takes a station in someone’s life and, in turn, in their imagination. It exists in a singular way, like the person who made it, and the person it lives with.”

I am thinking about doing a drawing a day over on Instagram I love to draw and would like to get back to it. It relaxes me. I enjoy it. I’ll post here if I end up doing it. A friend and I are thinking of doing a #30DrawingDays or something like that on IG. If you want to join us, please do! We’re thinking of starting it July 15th.


    1. Awesome! I’ll be looking for you. I’m still not sure if I’m going to be able to keep up, so it’ll be nice to have you there. Don’t forget to put the hashtag!

  1. The new website design looks really wonderful Bridgette. Congrats on the change. And it sounds like the creative juices are flowing with all these ideas that you are having.

    1. Thanks Seth! We’re still working out the kinks here and there. But it’s coming together. Looking forward to working with you again, whenever that may be…but happy to know that it will happen at some point!

  2. Have been navigating your new blog design and look… I think I have figured it out enough to leave a comment. Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer… but art and studio beckons…. percolating.

    1. Thanks Donna for taking a look. I’m still trying to figure out my website too! ha! Hope you are enjoying your summer as well.

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