on my studio table

Had about 1 1/2 hours this am to prep some panels and get a few layers of paint down in one. #studiotable

prepping some larger panels about a week ago

Something new I'm working on. Includes an image of a water damaged photo of one of my closest friends when I visited her in NYC in our 20s. #workinprogress #studiotable #art  #painting
Monday, this has changed quite a bit already, but I don’t have a photo of the latest. I kind of wish I had stopped at this point though- liking this much better than what I have now. It’s currently in the ugly, good lord what did I do to this phase

Spent a good hour today cleaning up my work tables, organizing, etc. Now I'm all set to make a new mess. #studio
My daughter and niece are on spring break and I had to clean up as I knew I would have kids in my studio this week. My tables do not look like this anymore.

Good creative energy this am. And my studio assistant (niece, my 4 year ild is not much of an assistant yet) helped me prep 6 canvases for future acrylic paintings

My niece was a studio assistant for a day! She helped me gesso over some old acrylic paintings. Painting some large canvases in acrylic is in my very near future. Excited for a bit of change. My Grace is painting on her easel on the bottom left.

Painting over old acrylic paintings. First layer. Something so liberating about coveting up old work with gesso.

I told my niece to do whatever she wanted on 6 canvases with the only instruction of “cover it up, here’s the gesso”. She had a ball.

"A New Day" acrylic and collage, 6x8 inches. Work in progress, will be bound into a journal
That night I just had to get back in the studio after the kids went to bed. Being around the acrylics inspired me to work on some panels that will be bound into journals. This panel is titled “A New Day”, 6×8 inches, acrylic and collage.


    1. yes, we have lots of family days in the studio! Unfortunately I’m usually just cleaning…..but I guess that is productive as it always need to be done. I’m such a messy creator

  1. Kids in the studio always warms my heart. As for your A New Day creation – I keep having to go back and look at it again and again. It is very beautiful!

    1. Thanks Kim. it’s a good energy in there for sure. Have I told you how much I love your work? I’m sure I have, but I’ll just reiterate. I always get excited when your blog shows up in my feed. Thanks for visiting!

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