on my studio table: week of 5.19.14

 |  May 24, 2014

A lot happened in my studio this week, not so much work, but something just as important- visitors. I used to really be quite insulated when it came to my studio. It was my private space. Only myself and my family entered it, really. But I’ve learned that I actually need and want community. And actual face to face time is so special in these days of screen time.

Had a special visitor to my studio today. So nice to catch up in real life with Seth Apter.

Seth Apter and I go way back to our early days of blogging. We met in Chicago a few years ago for lunch and this week he was teaching in Maryland and luckily I live along his way back to NYC. It was so great to catch up, talk art, talk business, and he gave me some great feedback on some paintings that have been driving me up the wall.

Had a fantastic meeting with @shiningegg this am and I got to see her beautiful daily painting journal too!

Another friend stopped in. Emily of who is a local painter. We have met before, but this was my first time having her in my studio. We are making another date soon. She does a daily painting journal that I have seen online, but leafing through it in person is an entire different experience. Beautiful and inspiring. I really need to start a daily practice like that.

Grace and I went in search of old weathered wood for something I'm working on. We were unexpectedly given access to an old shed filled with old, forgotten things. I was in heaven! Just a few of the things I picked up.

Grace and I went in search of old weathered wood for something I’m working on. We were unexpectedly given access to an old shed filled with old, forgotten things. I was in heaven! Just a few of the things I picked up on my studio table. Already started some rusting on paper and muslin.

Painting stripes this early morning.  Building my layers. #workinprogress #creativeprocess #painting #art #studiotable
early morning stripes, building up layers

Getting a rhythm to this early morning rising to paint. I don’t do it everyday. Yet.

“Life is too short,” she panicked, “I want more.” He nodded slowly, “Wake up earlier.” ~Dr. SunWolf


  1. by Hindsfeet on May 24, 2014  11:55 pm Reply

    we always seem to be sharing a bit of the path, Bridgette........"Community".....this has been something I've been feeling I need more of, even want more of, lately......I have a very social job, but I am really a closet introvert......and it's hard for me to stretch into community....but, I know it's a deficit for me right now.......maybe not comfortable, but, needed.

    thanks for sharing the journey....

    "we're all just here to walk each other home" -Ram Daas

    • by bridgette on May 26, 2014  10:33 pm Reply

      great quote. I know what you mean. Given a choice, I seem to always choose solitude in my studio or private time with my family. But I'm realizing that I need the other, that which is not my most comfortable. Thanks for sharing your journey too.

  2. by Sue Marrazzo on May 25, 2014  1:09 am Reply

    It's so great when you can share your love of ART with another who is also like minded.
    Your joy of creating is contagious, you are a good teacher and mentor for each other!
    'Love the post and I can so relate!!!!
    Have a good week!
    Please check out my Art Blog: www.suemarrazzo.blogspot.com

    • by bridgette on May 26, 2014  10:34 pm Reply

      It is good to find like minded creative friends. Hope you have a great week ahead as well.

  3. by ArtPropelled on May 25, 2014  2:24 am Reply

    Great to catch up with your posts Bridgette. Like you I've preferred to isolate myself when it comes to creating art but the blog world has changed that. It is so important to interact with fellow artists.

    I've always loved your work but there seems to be a new softness in your paintings that I'm even more smitten with. Lovely photo of you and Seth.

    • by bridgette on May 26, 2014  10:35 pm Reply

      Thanks Robyn. You are so right. I think the blogging world really changed how artists are able to find and communicate with each other. I mean, just thinking about all the people that your blog touches is mind boggling! Amazing, really.

  4. by Seth on May 25, 2014  7:30 pm Reply

    Thanks so much Bridgette for the studio visit. It was truly special to connect with you and spend time talking about things that are so very important to both of us. Looking forward to the next visit already!

    • by bridgette on May 26, 2014  10:35 pm Reply

      Had so much fun Seth! looking forward to the next time!

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