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It is precisely from the regret left by the imperfect work that the next one can be born.
-Odilon Redon

This week was not the most productive as my littlest got sick and now I’m pretty sure I got what she had. Germs, bah! I also have been volunteering one morning a week at my son’s school helping the art teacher out with displays or whatever she needs help with. She is amazing and I don’t know how she does it all!

In terms of what was going on in my studio though, which wasn’t much, but still I managed to get in and do some work. I actually declared two of my 12×12 paintings done, hopefully I can post at least one this weekend. I was able to get some time today and I think that I finally caught that elusive resolution.

Perhaps I've found a resolution. Hmmmm #art #painting #studio #mixedmedia #creativeprocess


Subtle difference between the two but feeling happy (at the moment) with the grouping. Now to decide whether I would attach the panels, or just let them be separate but together. hmmmm…

Side view. The amount of layers on this one.... #workinprogress #creativeprocess #art #studiotable #painting
side view of another painting in progress

Lots of layers on this one already. Whether I am painting in acrylics or in encaustic, I paint in layers. My process is similar despite them being very different media. But I do love how when an encaustic painting has many layers, it starts to have this heft to it. Where it becomes more than a 2D image, but a physical object. The depth that is created by layers is another quality that I like as well. But I have to say that the many layers in my paintings often point to the fact that I was painting over previous marks a lot. Lots of different decision being made. Lots of “what if I do this….” which becomes “oh, well, hmmm, that’s not what I was really going for….” which becomes “if I do this, this might work”…which then becomes another layer. For this reason I am not afraid to keep going or to keep pushing for fear of ruining what I have. I know that that layer will add to the painting. It really does allow a freedom in my creative process and exploration.

studio table, do I really need to change the paper already?!


This week I received a copy of the Dupage Valley Review, a publication published by the Benedictine University, where I had my solo last year. I was happy to see that one of my paintings from the show was selected for the publication.

Collecting and Gathering
encaustic mixed media
14×11 inches
available for purchase

Writing and rewriting are a constant search for what it is one is saying. -John Updike


  1. love the shot of the table…it is full of creative energy. i find once you change the paper it breaks the energy and feels like a fresh start…which can be a good thing, but not always. the new work is great : )

  2. this … For this reason I am not afraid to keep going or to keep pushing for fear of ruining what I have. I know that that layer will add to the painting.” … exactly! and while I’d never thought of it in terms of ‘heft’. I like that too. I’m in that ugly stage on a goofy painting I’m doing for my son and I want it to be DONE but it’s being elusive. so layers. many many layers. LOVE the 4×4 and my vote? join’em! xo

    1. Thanks Jen. I still have yet to join the panels. But that has more to do with not having time. As I need to clean off the tables to do it! Sometimes when i want something so much to be done, it gets more elusive and I get so frustrated. The heft thing is what intrigues me about working with wax. And then when i see how other artists use it to make such light and ethereal work, it’s just amazing to me. Do you know the work of Sue Stover? She paints in many many thin layers of encaustic on paper- it then appears you are peering into depth. But it’s so delicate!

  3. Love the “TimeLapse” watching these develop. No, don’t change the paper. Keep it and frame it. In art school we wanted to cut up the parts of the concrete floor where we dripped,spilled and stepped in paint to mount for our graduate shows but administration sadly said “NO!” Keep the paper.

    1. I actually have been keeping my paper as I change it. I’ve cut them down and then fold them into signatures and when I have enough I’ll bind them into a book. Looking forward to it!

  4. I love watching your progress & can’t articulate how meaningful they are to me as a learning tool. I guess that’s what I’m missing…lots of layers. I want to get the effect you’re achieving…I’m just not there yet. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    1. thank you! Yes, quilts, stitching, piecing together. Thanks for the encouragement. I still wonder about this grouping and still have yet to attach them.

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