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Hmmmm #workinprogress
Still working on these, but going to take a break from them for a bit. I say that every week, but then return to them thinking that I have figured out how to resolve them, and then it still eludes me.

In the studio this morning! Feels like it has been an eternity. Detail of one of my larger acrylic canvases #workinprogress #art #painting
Pulled out my acrylics and worked on large canvases this week. This is a detail shot.

Detail of a beginning. #workinprogress #art #collage #mixedmedia #painting #studiotable (actually not on my table as this isn't encaustic- on my easel )
Another detail of a beginning.

One of the things I really love to do is to bring in other paper with marks I’ve made and adding them to my panels, or in this case, my canvas. My friend Renee Decator, from FL, does this as well. She made a video recently on how she makes her paper paintings that she then tears, cuts, etc. then adheres to her canvas before she starts painting. This is not what I do as I don’t have any stencils, but I like the idea.

Corner in my studio for paintings to wait while I figure out what's next. #workinprogress #art #studio #painting #mixedmedia
On the wall so I can ponder what to do next.

Enjoying working in acrylics again and on a larger scale for me. I often paint with a palette knife often when I paint with acrylics on a large canvas.

Yikes. My creative process can be quite messy. It's all picked up already though. #studio

My creative process can be quite messy. This blog entry could also be called “On My Studio Floor”. And this is why I am always busy cleaning up when I bring my kids in the studio. They create and I clean up my mess.


I received my certificate of my 3rd prize winning from the Encaustic Nature in Art exhibition at The Art Center in Highland Park and realized that I actually won it for my painting “Gathered and Pieced Together”, not for the other one that I had posted a week or so ago. My mistake. A friend of mine in Chicago sent me a photo of the banner that had been placed on the facade of The Art Center that had an image of this painting blown up on it to advertise the show. That was pretty exciting to see!

Gathered and Pieced Together
enaustic mixed media
20×16 inches

This painting and my two others will be hanging at The Art Center until April 1st, so if you’re in the area and have yet to check out the exhibit, you have a few more days.


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