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 |  April 11, 2014

Not much to report this week, other than finishing that painting that I posted yesterday. Spent the rest of my studio time that I had trying to take photos of new works and getting them on the computer. But I already started prepping another 24×24 panel and continuing work on this 18×18 inch panel below.

monday. work in progress

friday. detail of work in progress

Painting on a larger scale has been an interesting and a bit frustrating change for me. I’m used to things just happening quickly on a small panel, where on large panels, I ponder much more. It’s not a bad thing, just different.


  1. by Janey G on April 12, 2014  6:24 am Reply

    these are gorgeous x

  2. by Sue Marrazzo on April 12, 2014  7:06 am Reply

    GREAT to see the progression. Love the textures = )

  3. by Seth on April 20, 2014  5:03 pm Reply

    Love. Funny how one artist's work in progress can look like a finished piece to another :-)

    • by bridgette on April 21, 2014  10:37 pm Reply

      Thanks Seth. I know, it's funny that way. It's a gut feeling, you know?

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