origin of life

origin of life, encaustic, 8×8 inches

Ferns, for me, symbolize a timelessness. Ancient, primordial life. Ferns speak to me with their simple form, geometry of shape, fragile strength. They echo eternity and history. Ancient life. Survival. Shelter.

This piece is tentatively titled right now. I may change it later. Sometimes I know exactly what the titles are…and other times I find it hard to name a piece. Speaking of titles, I finally came up with a title for my show this fall: “Expecting: explorations in mixed media”. Very excited. And now with the title out of the way, I can just keep on keeping on.

Coincidentally I just saw that Inspire Me Thursday‘s prompt for this week is foliage. I thought I would submit this since I just finished this piece.


  1. Bridgette, this is gorgeous. so calming and soothing. all of your art has such a tranquility about it. i still haven’t had the chance to try encaustics but… someday.

  2. This is beautiful. I’ve been playing with bees wax too. It’s so much fun. I love the way the colors in your piece blend together.

  3. bridgette, what a lovely piece and one i could just stare at for hours! i agree with melanie—very soothing and tranquil.
    i love the name of your show too!

  4. I really like both your encaustic and fabric works. I’ve never tried encaustic, virtually everything but …. I really must try it.

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  5. Leave it tilted. It works better that way…nothing is ever perfect and it helps to live in the moment when you can keep sight of the fact that life is never perfect.

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