|  May 25, 2007

As people who are are familiar with my work know, I create image transfers to use in my paintings. I love to use my photos and take them to another level. One of the techniques I learned at the encaustics workshop was how to create transfers onto wax. The most important thing is that you have to use photocopies of your image. I tried using one of my inkjet prints and it didn’t work. Luckily I had brought some photocopies with me that I tried out. This one was a photocopy of a photograph of some starfish. I did not take the photograph of the starfish. They are from a magazine that a graphic designer friend gave me of copyright free images.

p.s., encaustic, 5×7 inches

The words read:
ps: lake michigan has probably absorbed a millions of tears. I know it did mine. the lake was my companion in all my moments of extreme pain and sorrow. i always felt like the water took in my emotions and reflected back to me what was important in life- that nothing is permanent, that everything always changes. and it’s from life’s impermanence that we should gather our strength and courage to keep going.

This was from a letter that I wrote to my husband, then friend, many years ago when we lived in Chicago.

I can’t wait to do more tansfers onto wax with photocopies. I was so excited when I saw that the transfer worked. I specifically want to photocopy some of my charcoal drawings of figures that I did in a figure drawing class that I took a few years ago.


  1. by Judy on May 25, 2007  1:32 pm Reply

    I love this piece - and it makes me want to try this technique too!

  2. by Judy on May 25, 2007  1:49 pm Reply

    ps - i think this would also work with images printed on a laser printer, the kind that uses toner - just not an inkjet printer. will have to try it to make sure though. again, love the effect!

  3. by lydia on May 25, 2007  2:04 pm Reply

    Bridgette - this is gorgeous and a great idea. I want to try. Questions: did you do the transfer with the acrylic medium technique? Also, the top part: is that collaged on and then waxed over? Thanks for the inspiration! - Lydia

  4. by bridgette on May 25, 2007  2:13 pm Reply

    thanks Judy and Lydia!
    Judy- Patricia had mentioned that the transfer could possibly work with laser printers but she hadn't tried it. Let me know if it works.

    Lydia- no acyrlic medium was used. You heat up the wax, then lay your photocopy image down on the wax. Burnish the back of the paper. pour water on top. keep burnishing until the pulp of hte paper goes away. the toner from the photocopy should have transfered to the wax. then you have to fuse the image with the wax with yoour heat gun. The top part is not collage either. I used an awl to write into the wax. Then added oil stick on top, wiped away the excess with a soft cloth. the oil paint shoud stay inside the incised letters.

    patricia seggebruch has just been contracted to write about her methods for a book. It'll probably be published next year. Keep an eye out for it! There aren't any books on encaustic techniques. There is a great book by Joanne Mattera, but it doesn't really go into technique.

  5. by lydia on May 25, 2007  2:28 pm Reply

    Thanks so much - yeah I have the Mattera book which has some gorgeous stuff in it. Will look out for that. Thanks again!

  6. by Deanna on May 25, 2007  10:46 pm Reply

    I've found that if you have a fresh, high contrast copy, you don't have to heat up the wax or use water. Just burnish.

    You can also transfer charcoal, graphite, and colored pencil drawings onto wax. Just put the drawing on the piece face down and burnish. It's like magic!

  7. by Leah on May 26, 2007  2:31 am Reply

    i just learned how to do this recently in a workshop and it's sooo cool! i love the way the transfers look on the wax.

    your artwork is beautiful!

  8. by Dawn on May 26, 2007  12:32 pm Reply

    This is REALLY gorgeous, Bridgette! Thanks for sharing!

  9. by Fifi LePew on May 27, 2007  11:12 am Reply

    oh, I had just posted on Raine's entry, wondering if wax collage was encaustic. This looks fabulous!

  10. by Crafty Green Poet on May 27, 2007  2:20 pm Reply

    this is lovely, I really like how the starfish look and hte justaposition of them next to the letter.

  11. by Erika Tysse on May 27, 2007  2:23 pm Reply

    Your past postings have been so full of insight and spirit. Your work has a dreamlike quality about it and I find myself constantly going back to it for inspiration.

    I love encautics as well and have been wondering about this technique. Thanks for sharing.

  12. by gaby on May 28, 2007  10:10 am Reply

    I like encaustics and the work is really beautiful!

  13. by megan on May 29, 2007  11:53 pm Reply

    really cool effect...there's something especially nice about the balance of it. and by the way, water is all about emotions. Loved the way you wrote about the lake soaking up your tears.

  14. by Lise Richards on May 30, 2007  8:11 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing this technique with us. I am on a mailing list that often features encaustics, but I've not seen a work this beautiful.

  15. by carla on May 31, 2007  2:33 pm Reply

    How beautiful this is, both the visual and the words! I work often with transfer, although I have not tried them in wax. Lovely!

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