Pandemic Journal: Everything Stood Still

Bridgette Guerzon Mills| pandemic journal, page 16, 4.23.20

It seems so long ago that I created this page. It had been over a month since the shut down in my state and I had been sewing a lot, making masks for my family. I wanted to create a page that would remember the days at the sewing machine. But also to mark the quiet of those days. Of course, the news of the pandemic was alarming. But the day to day was quiet, the roads were quiet. The quiet before the storm, I guess you could say.

This morning it’s the beginning of July, and we still have the mask mandate where I live, which I am glad for. I have been quiet on my blog as I have been busy with other aspects of life that don’t have to do with my art. I also coming to a point where I hate my computer. The other day I was on the computer for a few hours formatting photos and archiving and I felt so drained after. And social media platforms like facebook give me a headache. I have taken that app off my phone for a long time now, but then I would cheat and just type it into my browser. The time that I waste scrolling makes me upset. This past week I have been challenging myself to not do that and only check FB when I am on my computer…which I already mentioned that I hate being on. So I have been quieter on the internet side of things, except for IG. I still like that one.

Less time scrolling has been giving me more time for reading and listening (please take 20 minutes to listen to brontë velez, her words will stay with you) and delving into intersectional environmentalism linked with social justice, issues that I have long cared about, since a teen. I am so glad to be finding more and more voices speaking to this now. It makes me feel old and hopeful at the same time. Old that these are issues that I have cared about for so long and that it’s crazy that I am only starting to see this emerge in more mainstream discussions now. But hopeful because it is.

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