Pandemic Journal: pages 9 and 10

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | pandemic journal, pages 9 and 10

These pages were created back in the beginning of this journey and I wasn’t using the right glue for the paper I was using. Or rather, I could use that glue, but then I should have pressed the paper overnight in my bookpress to make sure the bubbles leveled out and that the paper wouldn’t wrinkle. But since this was and still is, a casual quick creative journaling practice, I didn’t care and just used what was on my table.

The found text reads: quiet my child

At that time, the quarantine was really taking hold with everything just stopped and it was quiet. And we all were quiet.


  1. I will be truthful, your work, like, I said, is so powerful to me, and has really affected me. It moves me so much, and gives me chills at times. I can’t get it out of my head sometimes. So much so that I haven’t made any art myself because I have been so influenced by what I have seen you do. I will make the leap, no worries, but just wanted to tell you how important and wonderful your work is!

    1. oh, i hope you don’t stop! I love your work too when I was on your flickr page- so good. When I was looking at your mixed media pieces- i loved how you handled the integration of paint and imagery and markmaking. keep making and creating-your work is important and wonderful too. Thank you so much for your encouragement- as you know it can be difficult to trust that it’s all worthwhile or that it matters, especially during this crazy time. Thank you.

  2. I am working on a piece now. I work a full time job, so it is difficult to find time to do everything. The stress of working with covid makes me nuts, and depression also. I don’t want to dump all that on you, it’s just hard to create sometimes, this pandemic gets to me. BUT, I am creating now. Just love your work, thank you for responding, and the encouragement!

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