Pass Back Through the Heart

 |  April 24, 2018

Pass Back Through the Heart
Pass Back Through the Heart
encaustic mixed media
6 x 8 1/2 inches
currently at Cappaert Contemporary

This tree image is one that that I have used often in my work through the years as I took the photo on my honeymoon in Alaska during a hike outside of Juneau. The title for this piece was inspired by one of my favorite writers from one of my favorite books.

“Recordar: To remember; from the Latin records, to pass back through the heart”
~ Eduardo Galeano, The Book of Embraces

I have been emailing with a poet recently about the possible use of one of my paintings for the cover of her chapbook that will be published sometime this year. She described to me why the image she was inquiring about spoke to her so much and how it fit in with her work. She wrote about my paintings saying, “they are both tender and gritty, haunted and sublime, domestic and wild at once, and that they just feel completely alive. Looking at the piece felt like meeting a person.”

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If only we could all have a published poet write our artist statements!

As a visual artist I am guided by that inner voice that encompasses my life, the lessons I’ve learned, that unknown something that pushes me to create and communicate with the world outside of me. And when someone gets it, I am just so filled with gratitude. Hopefully all goes well and my image will be used. As a lover of words and poems, I would be so honored.


  1. by Jane Hinchliffe on April 27, 2018  5:32 pm Reply

    Lovely piece Bridgette and the poet's words are so spot on. I'm creating a series of works at the moment and the description of 'tender and gritty' also seem apt.

    • by Bridgette Guerzon Mills on April 30, 2018  3:27 pm Reply

      Thanks Jane, those two words together are oddly but perfectly paired!

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