patience enduring

Patience Enduring
encaustic and mixed media
8×8 inches

This past weekend I had the most consecutive hours dedicated to working in my studio than I have had in a long time. It felt good. And while it rejuvenated me, at the same time, I feel a bit exhausted. But that’s a good thing. I squeezed as much as I could out of every minute.

This is one of the paintings that I finished this weekend. I also worked on several mixed media panels that will be bound as journals covers. I hope to share those soon. It’s interesting to work on several projects at once. There is a definite overlap that is interesting to see (well, interesting to me).

Today I just dropped off one of my encaustic paintings at The Art Center in Highland Park for the upcoming FusedChicago group show Encaustic: Hot Art which will be showing in September. I think 25 of us will have work up- so, a wide range of work done in encaustic.


  1. It must be great to get some studio time; don’t know how you do it with the little ones. Speaking of “Patience Enduring”- probably an apt metaphor for your life right now! The piece is beautiful, and well-named. It feels like the calm, steadfast state of quiet patience we need to have as moms (and teachers).

  2. Thanks Leslie! It should be an interesting show with so many members showing. I actually won’t be showing this piece that’s in my post, but this one:

    Hi Sharmon, yes, you hit it on the head about it being a metaphor for my art, for my life and finding patience with juggling a 3 year old and a 6 month old! As for studio time, I try to drag myself up to the studio at night after they are both asleep. But this weekend was a gift from my husband. He took over this weekend so I could get some time to work! i sure am lucky!

  3. I know what you mean about finding a good chunk of time in the studio– it is a great kind of your encaustic and I really wish I could see this wonderful sounding encaustic show.

  4. This is incredible, Bridgette. Maybe some day you will put some of your works up on your ETSY place. I love the one that I have of yours with a crow in it. Good stuff. Keep it up.

  5. Dear Bridgette, the piece you linked us to, “of living root” is very VERY beautiful. I have had to look at it many times just to get it’s feeling and let my eyes be drawn around and into each color.
    I have wanted to tell you that I really admire the way you have found your OWN place in your new home, even though it was so hard to leave your last one.
    You have an amazing creative spirit. roxanne

  6. How wonderful that you got studio time. And congrats on Fused Chicago. I clicked over to “Of Living Root.” Stellar. Love the detail in the bottom left corner.

  7. there was a time when every morning before work i would get up early and make some art. i can remember each morning on the bus checking for any stray glue, agm, paint, etc on my hands. i miss those days! where did i let them go?

    love this cover. you made me a crow journal and i keep it face out on the bookshelf so i can see it all the time. i can see it right now.

  8. This is lovely! Having just gone back to work full time my creative time is very limited-nearly non-existant. Every morning as I drive to work the and see the silhouette of birds in bare trees against a muddy blue sky make me want to just stop and capture this. You’ve captured this beautifully!

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