Patterns Often Overlooked, again

Patterns Often Overlooked, encaustic, 6×6 inches

Back in December I made this encaustic painting. It was done. I was finished with it. Or so I thought.

It was hanging on the wall in my studio and I don’t know what made me do it, but the other day I pulled it off the wall and created the above piece on top. To be honest, I don’t think I was ever completely satisfied with the original painting. Not sure if that’s a good practice to do or not- take a painting and paint over it. I have some very old paintings that I have piled in a corner in the basement and I’ve been tempted to do the same. My husband tells me that I shouldn’t do that because it’s better to keep them. For what? I don’t know. Although I did paint over one painting that I did while I was in college and I do regret it.

But this change, I don’t regret. What can I say? I like trees.


  1. Don’t know what was underneath this, but this is beautiful. And I know how you feel about trees – I feel the same way.

    Though I will start over again on canvases that just aren’t working, and that can be days or months, or years even, after I originally started, but I don’t tend to go back and paint over old work that I considered complete at the time. I guess they feel like captured stages of my artistic growth?

  2. Absolutely you must paint over old paintings if you want or need to! I do it all the time & like to leave part of the old painting visible in a spot or two – I like knowing & showing the history of a piece. Your stuff is so wonderful that you must continue to do what you feel.

  3. I don’t know what the one underneath looks like, but i agree that this one looks fantastic! As an artist fairly new to mixed media art, i always feel inspired by all the texture and mixed colours in your art. Wonderfull work!

  4. Well, I think it is ok to paint over. At times I go back to a work that didn’t work for me when I did it, and given time, I can judge it on it’s own merits and suddenly I like it. Other times..I don’t, never will. I thnk there is always a slight unconscious fear among many of us, that our less than view worthy pieces will end up in someone’s garage sale..or worse…in the Museum of bad art!!!

  5. This is fantastic! I love trees too! I was just blogging about them yesterday and they seem to be popping up all over the blog world these past few days!

    I love your work anyway, but this tree is just stunning! Love, love, love it!!!



  6. So interesting to see the “before and after.” I have to say that the new painting is one of my favorites of yours. The image and especially the colors really sing. There has been a piece that I have been thinking of reworking as well and your post may be the inspiration I need to take that step.

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