patterns often overlooked

 |  December 5, 2007

patterns overlooked
patterns often overlooked, encaustic on cradled wood, 6×6 inches

This piece has been almost done for a few weeks now. I only found time today to finish it. All it needed was a smudge of oil stick and a wipe off of the rag to call it done.

The image is of one of those wild plants that is probably some sort of weed. I don’t know what it is. But I thought it was beautiful. Finding beauty in what is often overlooked is a trait for us creative types. Although I imagine that if this plant were growing rampant in my garden and I had to take care of it, then maybe I wouldn’t be so generous in my assesment.

We were able to update amanobooks with 5 new mixed media blank journals today. I have a few more mixed media panels in the making. I don’t know when those will be done. But at least they are started!


  1. by Cheryl on December 5, 2007  8:29 am Reply

    Your journals are lovely! Hope you are above water up there. :-)

  2. by bridgette on December 5, 2007  2:49 pm Reply

    thanks cheryl! yeah, we're nice and dry fortunately. :)

  3. by hezza on December 5, 2007  3:26 pm Reply

    that look slike Queen Anne's Lace to me...and I am a bit if a weed expert.

  4. by on December 6, 2007  9:27 pm Reply

    Yep, I think it's called Queen Anne's Lace too. One of the lovelier weeds for sure!

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