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 |  April 22, 2009

Pieces of
oil and mixed media, 6×12 inches
available for sale

A few months ago I was reading Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson. This novel is set in the Pacific Northwest and while I was reading it, I felt nostalgic for the moody landscape. And so I was nudged to begin this painting. I have another one that goes along with it that I finished last week, but I have yet to get an image of it.


I had a whirlwind weekend as I flew to Maryland to get a quick visit with my family and to attend my 15 year high school reunion. For so long with all my moving and seeking these past 15 years, I have often felt like a stranger even places that I made into my home. Being around familiar faces and voices was such a nice feeling. And an odd feeling too.

Trying to catch up with everything still. But chasing after a two year old takes up most of my time these days!

I am happy though that I finally updated my etsy shop and my amanobooks art section with prints that are now available for sale.


  1. by Jeane on April 22, 2009  9:43 pm Reply

    wow, Bridgette - this painting is so here! - it's what I see almost everyday until summer finally gets here - lovely...

  2. by smith kaich jones on April 22, 2009  10:39 pm Reply

    I didn't even sign in to my blog - figuring to just read here & there, do some blog-hopping. But! This is so, so lovely that I have to say something. I sometimes get the feeling that you are slowly evolving into painting for painting's sake; this piece would be gorgeous with just that sky - that emotion of paint only. Absolutely stunning.

    :) Debi

  3. by Mixed Media Martyr on April 23, 2009  4:28 am Reply

    SIGH! Love your mixed media work! The texture just draws me in!!!

  4. by Lumilyon on April 23, 2009  7:09 am Reply

    Amazing1 this is like Deja-vu! A few years ago, I went to Lapland and took a series of photographs which I have recently turned into more painterly, digital images that reflected the beautiful stillness and silence of Lapland and my personal melancholy at the time.They have been up my blog and Flickr gallery since January. Do take a look at this one, which is not on my blog) because it will astound you!


    Of course, i love this painting!

  5. by Michelle on April 23, 2009  7:42 am Reply

    Lovely Bridgette, I like the dimensions of the canvas...it helps make the painting

  6. by Shayla on April 23, 2009  8:26 am Reply

    Wonderful. I love all the cracks and the way the canvas is divided up. Rythmic.

  7. by Susan Tuttle on April 23, 2009  9:02 am Reply

    i LOVE that book -- read it while i was backpacking solo in the UK. I adore your encaustic interpretation:)


  8. by Carmen on April 23, 2009  10:06 am Reply

    So, so beautiful and calming Bridgette!

  9. by Genie on April 23, 2009  4:50 pm Reply

    Love this one Bridgette

  10. by Seth on April 23, 2009  5:02 pm Reply

    Great atmposhere here...and I love the placement of the trees.

  11. by wanda miller on April 23, 2009  6:56 pm Reply

    oh how i love peeking in here...to your plainly exquisite work. so moving and inspirational! thanks

  12. by Compost Studios on April 25, 2009  2:02 pm Reply

    I've read that book too, and I lived in Belgium for a number of years, a land of moody skies and giant forests. Love this.

  13. by Rnormfoto on April 30, 2009  2:24 am Reply

    that is very beautiful!

  14. by Shirley Ende-Saxe on April 30, 2009  4:09 pm Reply

    Snow Falling on Cedars is a wonderful book! I enjoy the serenity in your work. Thanks for your recent comment on my blog.

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