Playing Favorites

 |  March 24, 2008

Seth of The Altered Page has done it again- gathered up a bunch of mixed media artists and asked them to pick out their favorite pieces they’ve created and why. I have always been fascinated in hearing the background stories of paintings. Today’s theme is assemblage. Seth will be showcasing different artists in the days to come. Be sure to check it out~

Here is a synopsis of what’s coming up on The Pulse:

Imagine a museum filled with the work of all your favorite artists working in all your favorite artistic mediums. Now imagine that every piece of artwork has been hand chosen by each artist as their absolute favorites. Then imagine that printed by each piece of art is an explanation written by the artist detailing their selection. Welcome to Playing Favorites!

Responding to my invitation and an open call on my blog, more than 45 artists (and counting) have generously donated their art and their words to this installment of The Pulse. Collectively, they have submitted over 120 pieces of art. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting selections from each artist that are their favorite creations. Along with the images are their own stories that explain the significance of their choice or choices. Both the selections of artwork and the accompanying stories will help you get to know each artist on a more personal and revealing level.

Playing Favorites…coming to The Altered Page on Monday March 24th. See you there!


  1. by Dale on March 24, 2008  9:27 pm Reply

    i really like the way seth did this! What a fabulous idea! I really like the way he has themes like this :)

  2. by bridgette on March 24, 2008  11:38 pm Reply

    yeah, it's great. It's nice encountering new artists too.

  3. by thealteredpage on March 25, 2008  12:45 am Reply

    Thanks so much Bridgette for the link to my blog. I am so happy you are participating in this project. Your pieces are so special and favorites of mine too!

  4. by bridgette on March 25, 2008  2:01 pm Reply

    Thanks seth, reading what others wrote makes me think that I should have written more on my pieces! :) oh well. Short and sweet.

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