Portals to Remembering

 |  January 16, 2022
Encaustic mixed media painting, Doors to Rembering by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Portals to Remembering, encaustic mixed media, 24×24 inches

I think a lot about remembering and how the modern society seems to have forgotten that we come from the earth and that we are of the earth and how to live in relation to the earth. I was looking through my instagram feed from different hikes I did last year and I seem to be drawn to moments that I captured on my phone of portals. Portals to other times, portals to other worlds, portals to remembering our connections to the land. There’s always a sense of nostalgia for me though, like the portal will not take me to some exotic and distant land, but rather that it will take me home.

“There’s a lot of landscape I never would have described if I hadn’t been homesick. The impulse was nostalgia.” -Joan Didion

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