quiet spirit

 |  October 5, 2008

quiet spirit, encaustic, 5×7 inches

Today is Sunday, my sacred studio day. Unfortunately I am just not feeling it today. I painted a little bit and made some progress on some large oil paintings that I am working on. Painting in oils requires a lot of patience from me. I am used to being able to work fast in either acrylics or encaustics. But with oils, I work slowly, building up layers, letting them day, then building up some more. I just love working in oils though.

I still need to work today even if it’s not painting, so I am doing computer work. Updating the collage journal section and the art section on amanobooks~ I have just added a new mixed media journal as well as an encaustic painting there. I also just updated my etsy shop with the encaustic painting shown above.

The printed text embedded in the wax reads:
Darkness is not necessarily a place of despair. It can be warm and safe. Like a cocoon- protecting.

…stillness. Quiet Spirit.

Life, life in its fullest capacity is not pretty. But because of that, it is beautiful.


  1. by tangled sky studio on October 5, 2008  4:31 pm Reply

    Hi Bridgette,
    I'm in my studio today as well and you know what's weird...I'm painting butterfly type beings...thinking about cocoons! This piece is stunning. I love the blue dot pattern near the center... Isn't it amazing how much computer work there is???
    Happy painting!

  2. by gem on October 5, 2008  7:08 pm Reply

    mmmh...yes, these words resonate: "Darkness is not necessarily a place of despair. It can be warm and safe. Like a cocoon-protecting..." thank you for sharing this beauty.

  3. by rivergardenstudio on October 5, 2008  8:10 pm Reply

    What a beautiful piece, serene and moody at the same time. I love the text, is it a piece that your wrote? I also got to work in my studio today, and on my blog. I added Contemplating the Moon to my "places to inspire" links. I don't know what took me so long. Your blog is one of the most beautiful, and one of the first ones that inspired me to create mine, way back in December...

  4. by Paula on October 6, 2008  10:51 am Reply

    Hi Bridgette,

    Some days I sit in my studio and just stare....my husband thinks I'm wacky, I'm sure, but if you aren't inspired then what's a girl to do?

    I've got my new blog up and running. Stop over and take a look, I posted my first try with a new-to-me technique. I used canvas board with spackle paste, acrylic, transfer and finally wax.

    This weekend I did a custom installations (small job, just $200) but it was fun and I was so proud of myself I went straight to the art supply store and spent the entire sum. Invested in some damar resin ~ wow that stuff is fantastic. Do you use encaustic pigments in your work? I've been looking at them. The art store has larger pieces but the other day I stopped in a craft type store and noticed they have smaller quantities which might be better to start out with. Your feedback would be great.

    So don't forget to change my blog address. http://paulanm.wordpress.com/

  5. by bridgette on October 6, 2008  2:40 pm Reply

    thank you all for your comments. i will try to respond by email, but to answer your question rivergarden- the words are from a journal entry i wrote several years ago.

  6. by Jeane on October 6, 2008  4:52 pm Reply

    lovely Bridgette - tranquil and introspective

  7. by Sylvia Jenstad on October 7, 2008  10:34 am Reply

    I agree this is one cool painting... I also love 'sitting on the edge of a dream'... really cool

  8. by a square peg on October 7, 2008  10:55 am Reply

    this is beautiful, and I love your words.

  9. by smith kaich jones on October 8, 2008  11:07 am Reply

    Yes. Who said "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars?" - I keep that quote taped to a wall in my hallway. (I LOVE quotes.)

    :) Debu

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