Rainy Days Journal

 |  March 13, 2006

Rainy Days, 6×8 inch blank journal

This journal was a commissioned piece with the directions to create a cover that conveyed a rainy, gray day. Imagery was to include trees and the ocean and some natural elements. I always have some anxiety when I start a commissioned piece because I am creating with someone else’s vision in mind. And that can be a bit intimidating. But in the end I am always happy and grateful for the commission. Not just because the person entrusted me to execute their vision, but because they provide inspiration. Inspiration, that elusive love.

I never would have combined the ocean and the trees together for example. But I really love the combination together. It’s refreshing to have another voice be part of the creative process. It also was helpful that he had ideas, sometimes people aren’t very helpful in that arena!

A friend of mine took a look at this journal and said that it was “tinged with a touch of a half remembered dream”. I really liked that.

Someone else said “it really feels like the northwest”- which really made me happy because the images of the trees and the ocean are from photos that I took in Maryland. So I take her comment as a compliment since I am a transplant here in the Pacific Northwest. But its mood and spirit are both within me. And it came out in this journal. I am so far from home, but really I am home now.


  1. by Tongue in Cheek Antiques on March 14, 2006  1:09 am Reply

    a rainy day journal that has the calm soothing sense of being indoors by the fire, watching the tides roll in of the Pacific...a perfect notebook to have to inscribe such thoughts. Great job!

  2. by céline on March 14, 2006  5:24 am Reply

    this journal is sooooooooooo mesmerizing...........i love it.

  3. by david on March 15, 2006  7:55 pm Reply

    i am the fortunate recipient of this journal. i cannot express how impressed i am with bridgette's work and her ability - through e-mail alone - to capture my vision. she is so very talented and i would recommend her services to anyone without question. thank you bridgette for including me in your creative process. it was - and certainly is - a joy. this journal expresses everything i'd hoped for.

  4. by bridgette on March 15, 2006  11:55 pm Reply

    Thanks David! I am so glad that you like it. Thank you for your supportive words. And really, thank you for the inspiration.

  5. by lydia on June 19, 2006  1:37 pm Reply

    This is just stunning.

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