|  November 21, 2007

remembering, encaustic and mixed media, 8×8 inches

I’m feeling a little blue today. Thought this image would be appropriate. I made this encaustic piece last week.

Although I did have a nice package arrive today that I had been looking forward to receiving. I had ordered this self-published book by Roben Marie Smith. She is the nicest person. I met her in Florida at the opening of my show. She drove over an hour to come by! She also ended up purchasing one of my paintings. I feel happy knowing that one of my paintings is with her. From her blog and her artwork, I thought that she would just be a sincere and genuine person. And it turned out that she was.

Anyway, the book is really beautiful. I was impressed with the quality of the printing. I think I’ll go plop myself on the couch and flip through her visual journal entries. That’ll be a nice ending to a long day.

I also had ordered Linda Womack’s book as well. This is a nice introduction to encaustics. There are step-by-step photos as well as some technique notes. If you are looking for a basic, straight forward intro, I recommend this little book.


  1. by d. on November 21, 2007  8:38 am Reply

    This piece is REALLY lovely!


  2. by Leah on November 21, 2007  4:22 pm Reply

    love this piece, bridgette!

    hope your blues melt away soon.

    i loved seeing your work studio!

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