ROOTED exhibition

Framed painting, Transcendence From Rootedness by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Transcendence from Rootedness, encaustic mixed media, 12×12 inches panel framed, currently at Lark & Key

ROOTED | September exhibit at Lark and Key Gallery

featuring the artwork of Elizabeth Davant, Duy Huynh, and Bridgette Guerzon Mills

For the past few months I have been creating pieces in mind for the September exhibit at Lark & Key Gallery called ROOTED. This was the last piece I created for the show. The pieces I created for the show have my images that I draw upon often for my work- trees, branches, and seedpods. I incorporated sewn pieces of cloth and found metal in these pieces as well. And several of them feature the polka dots floating around the central image, like this painting above. I have my meaning for the dots, and if you want to know, you can message me and also tell me what they make you think of.

Ferns are an image that I have used in my artwork since I first started my art journey in Seattle. Ferns were everywhere and gigantic in the pacific northwest woods. I love their simplicity and their greenness of green. Ferns go way back in time before humans began to walk this earth. They are ancient and eternal. I used fern images for the symbol on my wedding invitations and my whole bouquet was made up of different fern varieties. They are simple and humble and yet something that can survive for eons, well that seems pretty powerful to me.

Currently at home I have been trying to transform our backyard/patio that had been a pile of dead dirt when we bought the property into a place that fills full of life and living things and I just keep planting ferns. I love them so much!

I hope this painting speaks to someone else as well. It is framed and will be showing this month at Lark & Key. This plus the other works can be viewed on their website and also seen in person if you get in touch for an appointment.

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