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 |  April 21, 2014

I’m a few days late for the search for green, but I have a good excuse- I was hiking among the greens of the pacific northwest last week during our family vacation for my son’s spring break. My lungs still feel good from inhaling all that good air.

And I can’t possibly have a blog post about green without quoting Federico Garcia Lorca’s poem “Romance Son√°mbulo”

Verde que te quiero verde.
Verde viento. Verdes ramas…

For the full poem as well as translation, go here. I have always loved the beginning of that poem, the rolling of the r’s one after another, so luscious. The rhythm is just beautiful too. Unfortunately the translation just doesn’t do it justice!

Anyway, here are my greens/verdes:

in the Quinault Rain Forest, Washington

On the Marymere Falls Trail #washington #olympicnationalpark #bridge #hiking
green upon green on the Marymere Waterfall Trail, Olympic National Forest

earth’s patina

Ruby Beach, WA
view from Ruby Beach, ok not green in this photo, but can’t you just sense the green??

a little green from my own yard, and an egg hidden by the Easter bunny

my 4 year old likes to leave me little green gifts on my nightstand almost everyday. I never know what I’ll find.


  1. by Janey G on April 22, 2014  4:53 am Reply

    lovely images and love the gifts left for you x

    • by bridgette on April 22, 2014  9:41 am Reply

      thanks janey. me too :)

  2. by Jennifer on April 22, 2014  5:40 am Reply

    Lovely Bridgette! That last is precious. Thanks for sharing your greens! Enjoy!

    • by bridgette on April 22, 2014  9:42 am Reply

      thanks jennifer, always a fun way to document our world

    • by bridgette on April 25, 2014  1:36 pm Reply

      thanks trish. I know, such a great poem, so vivid

  3. by Sharmon Davidson on April 23, 2014  8:17 am Reply

    I especially love the first pic, Bridgette, as I've always wanted to go to the rain forest in Washington. It really captures the verdant beauty of all those lovely plants - I can almost feel the fresh air!

    • by bridgette on April 25, 2014  1:36 pm Reply

      i hope you get to go someday. It's quite an experience!

  4. by Judy Wise on April 23, 2014  2:23 pm Reply

    Oh, I love Daybook, it's a book I've read many many times and I do not read books more than once. Thank you for sharing this poem too. I'm taking Spanish classes and this is a good project to translate. xo

    • by bridgette on April 25, 2014  1:37 pm Reply

      I haven't finished the book yet, only started it and already it really spoke to me. This is a good poem to practice those rolling r's too! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)

    • by Kitchens For Living on May 6, 2014  4:01 pm Reply

      Judy have you read Ann Truitt's other two, Prospect and Turn? All great.

  5. by Kitchens For Living on May 6, 2014  3:59 pm Reply

    I LOVE your blog. I am also a blogger (but for kitchen design) and an artist working in encaustics AND I adore Ann Truitt's journals. Thanks for inspiring me.

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