Sacred Conversations

 |  September 12, 2016

Sacred Conversations

Sacred Conversations
encaustic mixed media
12×10 inches
available at Lark and Key

When I first started this painting, I was planing on just creating a 6×6 inch mixed media piece of the birds in the branches. But then I had a red panel sitting right next to the birds and I thought, hmmmmmm. I really liked how they looked together. Then I thought, “I want to add a found element to this”. And along came the oxidized copper. I played around with different compositions with those three elements and I just couldn’t leave the thought alone. It was meant to be.

The title was inspired by a snippet from Pablo Neruda’s Ode to Bird Watching

The morning time
mother earth
is cool.
The air
is like a river
which shakes
the silence.
It smells of rosemary,
of space
and roots.
a crazy song.
It’s a bird.
out of its throat
smaller than a finger
can there fall the waters
of its song?
Luminous ease!
of music
in the leaves.
Sacred conversations!

To read the full poem.


  1. by pat on October 12, 2016  6:10 pm Reply

    Love this piece as I do all your art. Have really missed your postings & artwork. Thanks for posting again.

    • by Bridgette Guerzon Mills on October 18, 2016  10:31 am Reply

      Thanks Pat and thanks so much for visiting my little space here. I do love to write and am hoping to get back into it more often.

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