encaustic mixed media
5×7 inches

This little painting is another that I reworked this month. I wish I had documented each rework of this little guy as I seem to have been dissatisfied with it since I first made it back in 2009. I was always happy with the left side, but the imagery that I chose for the right side never felt right. Until now.

The photo that I took that inspired this painting was taken at the Bird Sanctuary right here in Chicago. It’s over by the Montrose Harbor and we just love to go visit there. Once Noah and I were pushing Grace in her stoller along the dirt path and out from the trees, a big huge deer appeared! I was stunned. I really don’t know how that deer got there as it would have had to go through some major urban roads to get there. I still wonder what happened to that deer. We still talk about that time when the deer “surprised us in the city”.


Friday, December 2nd 7:00 – 9:00 for wine and cheese reception
Saturday, December 3rd 10:00 – 6:00
Sunday, December 4th 10:00 – 4:00

1123 and 1125 Florence Ave in Evanston

This weekend I will have some of my encaustic paintings, including the one above, at this holiday show taking place in Evanston, IL. The event is hosted by PerficalSense Studio and Evanston Print & Paper. I, unfortunately won’t be attending the weekend show as I will be visiting my family in Maryland that weekend. So, while I am disappointed that I won’t be attending, I am so excited to have some good quality time with my sisters and their kids and my mom.

But if you’re in the area and are looking for some unique gifts, be sure to stop by. Support your local artists and artisans!


  1. I love Sanctuary a beautiful resolution to your persistence and awareness that something else was wanting to come through.

    I hope that your family time is precious for all.

  2. Love this, especially the images of the birds on the right side. My favorite part. And most especially now, since I have signed up for Oregon and will get to meet you in person and learn some of your techniques. Yippee!!! Can’t wait for July!

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