Searching for ROYGBIV: indigo

 |  June 19, 2014

This month we are searching for Indigo. Yesterday when I was in the studio, I just so happened to actually melt a bar of R&F Indigo on my palette. Beautiful. The tin though contains ultramarine blue. Nice too, but I love the deepness of the indigo.

Indigo + some other blues


  1. by Jennifer on June 20, 2014  6:15 am Reply

    There's just something about this's a work of art in itself, you know. Enjoy!

  2. by CERULEAN on June 21, 2014  11:17 am Reply

    Beautiful photo, it's an ode to blue!

  3. by Jill Eudaly on June 22, 2014  8:02 am Reply

    Wonderful! truly a lovely photo.

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