Searching for ROYGBIV: Red

 |  January 15, 2014

Every time Jennifer Coyne Qudeen does her ROYGBIV photo series game I always enjoy it and want to play along. I’ve never had it together enough to be able to, until now. Well, I don’t know if I have it together ever, but I am making the time. This month’s color is Red. I am posting this the eve of the official day in the search of red because lately I have not been able to get on the computer until late in the evening.

If one says ‘red’ – the name of color – and there are fifty people listening, it can be expected that there will be fifty reds in their minds. And one can be sure that all these reds will be very different. -Josef Albers

There are so many different shades of red, here are just a few from my scavenger hunt.







You can still join in the fun if you want! I actually made this into a game with my kids this week. Searching for red with a 3 year old just walking down one block was quite exciting. Who knew there was so much red everywhere! Just go visit Jennifer’s blog to find out more if you want to join in.


  1. by maya matthew on January 16, 2014  7:10 am Reply

    The red chair is my favourite picture.

    • by bridgette on January 17, 2014  1:40 pm Reply

      Thanks Maya. That chair has been with me for a long time. I love it.

  2. by Sharmon Davidson on January 17, 2014  11:34 am Reply

    Nice reds- I really enjoyed all these photos!

    • by bridgette on January 17, 2014  1:42 pm Reply

      Thanks Sharmon. It was fun scavenging for red

  3. by Charlton Stitcher on January 17, 2014  3:09 pm Reply

    Just found your blog via Roy - a great connector of like minds. I think I will be following for a while to see where you go.
    I just love that first photo with it's deep, dark shadow, patches of sunlight and those red doors - wonderful.

  4. by ArtPropelled on January 18, 2014  9:38 am Reply

    Loving that first photo. It's the red in my mind when you say red :-)

  5. by Jennifer on January 20, 2014  6:51 am Reply

    I keep coming back to your reds. They are wonderful. Mysterious, yet very comforting. Enjoy!

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