searching for ROYGBIV: yellow

“How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” -Vincent Van Gogh

Today’s the day to post yellow for the search for ROYGBIV, and I have less than 3 hours, but I made it.

Sun rising on Backbone Mountain, MD #makeadventure
the soft, but powerful yellow of the rising sun on Backbone Mountain in western Maryland

Yellow butterfly

patterned yellow in a butterfly wing, Oregon Ridge Nature Center

Yellow and rust

rusted and scraped yellow spied in an alley

golden yellow of freshly baked foccacia bread

Noah became a yellow belt earlier this month
my son tested for his yellow belt earlier this month

Thank you Jennifer for this fun way of noticing the colorful world around us everyday!


  1. love it Bridgette…..also love that your first picture here could’ve been a close up of the one heading my blog post today….always that little bit of synchronicity with you……so fun and encouraging…..

    take care m’dear, happy Spring for you ~*

  2. Love your nature photos. And congrats to your son on earning a yellow belt. By chance can he come up with a green belt for next month? ( grin, just being silly) Nice collection of photos, enjoyed them very much.

  3. What pretty, soft yellows – and a strong finish with the yellow belt (how exciting!). I am envious of your ability to bake such a bella foccacia – it looks very authentic/tasty!

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