see the wind

 |  October 29, 2007

see the wind
see the wind, encaustic on wood, 6×6 inches

I’ve always though it was interesting that the movement of grass and the treetops, a ripple in water, a leaf doing flipflops in the air- these movements are what allow us to see the wind.

I’ve been struggling a bit in the studio. Finding it hard to focus. I’ve been working on some mixed media panels to be bound into journals and am finding myself surrounded by piles of torn paper, photo transfers, weird bits of this and that…and feeling lost in the pile. It could just be indicative of my physical/mental state. I just want to sit. I don’t feel like doing.

Part of the problem is that I’m still in the middle of transferring things from my studio at home to the new studio. And I don’t know where a lot of my stuff is. A lot of my odds and ends are sitting in crates in the garage still. Especially the things that I use for my mixed media panels. Where is my copper tape and my masking tape? Where is my awl? Where are my scraps of burlap and gauze?? Where are my dremel drill bits???


  1. by Leah on October 29, 2007  11:38 pm Reply

    you worked so hard leading up to your show, it's no wonder you're a little tired out! allow yourself to rest too!

    this painting is lovely. love the movement and the color.

  2. by redredday on October 30, 2007  3:48 pm Reply

    chill out and just go sit somewhere nice, Bridgette. that's what i would do if i have the most updated blog in town and completed more paintings in a year than some people make in a lifetime. and doing shows here and there. AND taking good care of the family and moving and all. :).

    but i also want to know where your copper tape is. didn't even know there was such a thing. will have to go find some myself.

    love the lines of the grass in the wind.

  3. by bridgette on October 30, 2007  4:55 pm Reply

    thanks leah, I hope you get to rest too after now after you've had your big day.

    Thanks mien! yeah, when you put it that way, I definitely need to rest! Once this week is over and i have hung my paintings up at Irwin's I will take a break...maybe. :) There always seems to be something that I'm trying to do.

    You can find copper tape in the hardware store in the garden section. It's supposed to be a natural way to keep slugs away from your plants. We have slug issues here in the Pacific Northwest. I like to use my copper tape for art though, not for slug killing! :) Although I think it just acts as a deterrent, not sure if it kills them.

  4. by Amy Stoner on October 31, 2007  11:42 am Reply

    Oh my goodness, this piece just makes my heart go love love it!

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