sense of each other

 |  August 12, 2007

sense of each other
sense of each other, mixed media, 20×10 inches

I feel like I haven’t posted in a while. Juggling of schedules, not enough time in the day, working on the business side of artmaking, enjoying the summer days outside and eating fresh vegetables from the farmers market…life I guess!

I finished this painting a while ago, but didn’t have a chance to photograph it until recently. This painting was another one of those where I stalled for a bit. I knew what I wanted to say, what I was going for. But sometimes there is that disconnect between the mind/heart and the paintbrush. And I just need to let the painting sit for a bit.

One recent morning I was listening to Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois album, and replaying my favorite song, Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts, over and over again in my car. And one of lines in the chorus just kind of hit me all of a sudden. Weird as I’ve literally heard this song hundreds of times already. But it was like this time,I actually heard the words. And I got the title for this piece: sense of each other. And with that I was able to finish the painting in a flurry.

This painting deals with the same issue as this one.


  1. by Leah on August 12, 2007  6:18 pm Reply

    it's beautiful, bridgette!

  2. by AluapPaula on August 12, 2007  6:59 pm Reply

    Not only is your work beautiful, but very powerful and full of content by way of personal meaning. That level of personal meaning, however is universal; and able to touch anyone who sees it even if they did not read the part you wrote about it.
    (need to reach me? ask Raine)

  3. by Tina on August 13, 2007  12:33 am Reply

    I enjoy all of your work. This one made me catch my breath. It must be the subject matter and your expressionof it.

  4. by redredday on August 13, 2007  12:57 pm Reply

    wow. i must have missed that one post about your dream when i went through your blog. gave me the chills when i read it. i think dreams can be very telling and amazing in the way they often connect one soul with another.

    i love this piece here. the title is perfect. when i first saw it on flickr, i was in awe at how you were able to make the two birds really look like they are in the presence of each other, sharing a special bond...they are very much alive in the flesh to me.

    p.s. did not find the transparent paint around where i am so will have to wait til next week when i go to the big city. :.

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