|  September 1, 2010

6×8 inch panel
bound as a blank journal

A few years ago I was in an art festival where I showed three paintings. I also had some prints of some of my mixed media paintings made to be displayed as well. I’ve had some left over since then and I decided that I wanted to repurpose them and use them in new work. This panel above is one of the results.

The main action behind the creation of this piece was tearing, ripping, then piecing together. I pieced together using glue, tape, as well as handsewn stitches. I did something similar a few months ago and have been wanting to return to that process.I recommend it! It’s very meditative process.

I bound the panel as the cover of a blank journal and you can see it as a journal at the amanobooks blog.


  1. by Mary on September 2, 2010  8:41 am Reply

    wow, this is gorgeous!! I love your work!!! love the deep colors, love the etching and everything about it!!!!

  2. by nacherluver on September 2, 2010  10:43 am Reply

    Very, very nice! I get a lot of feeling from it.

  3. by Gina Marie Dunn on September 2, 2010  4:38 pm Reply

    Love the title of your post..that word always remind's me of Poe's "Annabel Lee", one of my favorite poems.

  4. by Sharmon Davidson on September 3, 2010  7:36 pm Reply

    I love ripping, re-purposing, and recycling my art- the 3 R's- ha! This is a cool piece; I can see in it the satisfaction you felt, somehow.

  5. by Hindsfeet on September 4, 2010  12:25 am Reply

    Have felt myself for a long while now to be in a sepulcher of sorts...feel now that it's not an end, but a segue.....

    looking forward to your next always.

  6. by Karen on September 4, 2010  3:31 pm Reply

    This is beautiful work !

  7. by Karin Bartimole on September 8, 2010  3:09 pm Reply

    i love the results of this repurposing B!! the stitching, tape, and text add nice textures. very cool!!

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