sitting on the edge of a dream

 |  September 25, 2008

on the edge of a dream
mixed media and oil, 4×4 inches

Another mini! Slowly working through my piles of mini canvases. Ever since I’ve started keeping my dream journal, my dreams have really been quite vivid.


Noah and I flew out to Maryland this past week and just got back this Monday. We had such a good time visiting with my sisters, my mom, and all his cousins. My sister owns horses and we petted the horses and played in the rolling fields. Driving through winding roads out in the country. Playing freeze tag at dusk out in the yard. Watching new born kittens play with hay in the barn. We were in a world so far from where we came from. It was very much needed for me.

Interestingly though I find myself back in my new neighborhood in Chicago and feeling more at peace here than I was before we left for our trip. Not sure why, but not going to question it. We went for a stroll today to the YMCA to sign up for swimming classes and I found myself loving the interesting architecture along our walk. The crumbling and rusting under the train tracks, the tiny, but beautiful gardens in front of the rows of houses. The tall big trees shading the streets.

I went to my third Intuitive painting and drawing class last night and came home exhausted. I think it’s a combination of the travels plus the exercise we did in class. It is very much out of my comfort zone. But it’s good for me and my art. I think.



When I came home there was a package waiting for me from Claire B Cotts. I love Claire’s work and when I saw that she was auctioning off two children’s books illustrated by her, I jumped on it. She was kind enough to sign the books for me. I love the little kitty face.


Thank you so much for all the comments left for me on my last blog post. I really appreciate it! I am slowly trying to get through my pile of emails and will try to respond when I can.


  1. by Paula on September 26, 2008  4:32 pm Reply

    Claire Cotts has a wonderful style that I've admired for a long time. Lucky you to get those books.

    Maybe you feel different because you returned "home". You know the old saying, "home is where you make it".

    Intuitive drawing and painting is a fine way to stretch yourself creatively. I look forward to more of posts that will hopefully document this journey.

  2. by Jeane on September 26, 2008  5:44 pm Reply

    Bridgette - I love this piece - your work has a calming effect - nothing like getting away for a new perspective.

  3. by Blue Sky Dreaming on September 27, 2008  7:46 pm Reply

    Bridgette, The adjustment to the move continues! Congratulations on venturing out and taking the Intuitive Painting class and keeping a dream journal. I believe artists must try to step out and away from their work...challenge themselves and the new art is always better for the effort. Good luck with the class!
    Mary Ann
    ps Your grid like piece is wonderful!

  4. by tangled sky studio on September 28, 2008  8:00 pm Reply

    Hi Bridgette,
    Another crossed path (my husband grew up in Mayland and his family is still there).
    I find this piece calming in a deep and quiet's really beautiful work. I am taking an oil painting class right now and although I paint in encaustics daily I find focusing in a class for 3 hours straight incredibly draining.

  5. by smith kaich jones on September 30, 2008  6:49 pm Reply

    So you begin to make this place yours. And YOU are sitting on the edge of a dream. About to wake up to this new place, I'm thinking, and to this new chapter of your life.

    Yet another beautiful piece.

    :) Debi

  6. by Paula Scott on October 1, 2008  12:56 am Reply

    You ALWAYS inspire me! There are soooo many things that are calling to me to pick up and complete. I too, have a stack of blank minis. Three have been 'in progress' since June! I think I am at the 'now what do I do?' point with what I have in progress. But, seeing that you pushed through has given me new conviction to do so too!

  7. by cheryl on October 3, 2008  8:22 am Reply

    The light and mood on this one is so wonderful --- and what fun books for Noah!

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