|  May 15, 2006

I finally got some slides made. yay! How long has that been on my to do list?? A week or 2 ago I had set up a photo taking session with my digital camera in my studio. I set up with a velvet backdrop and the 2 angled lightsources. I still don’t have a tripod, but I managed to take some steady shots.

With the advice from Suzanne Clements and Jamie Ribisi I signed up at and got my slides made. They arrived over the weekend and they turned out really well. Now to take more photos and order more. This was my trial run just to see how they turned out.

I ordered a print of one of my 4×4 paintings, but I must have uploaded it wrong because the print came out weirdly cropped. But I think that is due to my error. But the quality of the print was good.

Now to get packets together to send out!

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  1. by melanie komisarski on May 16, 2006  12:43 pm Reply

    thanks for the link... I just had someone asking me about how to get slides made recently, I will have to pass that link along to her.

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