some lil’ 5x5s

 |  November 24, 2009

This morning I dropped off some small encaustic paintings, including these three below at Sacred Art over in Lincoln Square. They are gearing up for the holiday season and wanted some small paintings for my section.

Inside Myself
encaustic and collage
5×5 inches

The title for this bird painting was inspired by this quote:

Inside myself is a place where I live all alone, and that’s where I renew my springs that never dry up. ~Pearl Buck

encaustic and collage
5×5 inches

encaustic and collage
5×5 inches

I really love working with just whites. Of course, I have layers of rioutous colors underneath, that you see poking up here and there. I definitely want to continue this white series, but at a larger size.


  1. by Wild Somerset Child on November 24, 2009  5:59 pm Reply

    Bridgette, I just ache when I see all this beauty. Magic - and thankyou for sharing it.

  2. by tangled sky studio on November 24, 2009  6:18 pm Reply

    i love working in white too (and the ochre color is gorgeous). these little pieces are really special bridgette...a great gift to give or to receive. have a lovely holiday!

  3. by Karin Bartimole on November 24, 2009  8:07 pm Reply

    The muted tones are beautiful Bridgette, as well as the imagery. I love the idea of them being in such a sweet intimate size. Perfect for the holidays :)
    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, K

  4. by Mary on November 25, 2009  8:57 am Reply

    Bridgette, these are fabulous. I showed a friend your art - she said, "she's a real artist". :) She is right!!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. by La Dolce Vita on November 25, 2009  10:41 am Reply

    these are just magnificent. thanks for the quote...

  6. by Evangeline on November 25, 2009  12:11 pm Reply

    Your work never fails to astound me. Beautiful!

  7. by Jeane on November 25, 2009  1:37 pm Reply

    beautiful work as always Bridgette and I love the sneak peek on your sidebar - happy thanksgiving :)

  8. by Julie on November 25, 2009  4:16 pm Reply

    All really beautiful!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Bridgette.

  9. by Poetic Artist on November 25, 2009  7:05 pm Reply

    These are so wonderful The white is so peaceful.

  10. by Joy Logan on November 25, 2009  9:59 pm Reply

    Just love your art and blog so much. So much time goes into both and the results are stunning

  11. by Seth on November 26, 2009  4:58 pm Reply

    These may be small in size but they are big in beauty!

  12. by layers on November 28, 2009  1:06 am Reply

    these are lovely-- great division of space and how you incorporate the wax with the image is nice.

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