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You know when you have a bazillion things to do, but instead of doing them you do something that is totally not important. That’s what I did today during Noah’s nap. I made a banner for my blog. See above. Not sure if I’m going to keep it or not. I kind of liked the boring white box that came with the blogger template. hmmm.

Tomorrow I will be heading over to Irwin’s to take down my paintings and hand over purchased paintings to their new owners. I am looking forward to meeting them. That’s the nice thing about hanging work in a place other than a gallery, I think. Although it’s nice to have the gallery take care of all the transactions and not have to bother with all the details. But meeting the people who connected so much with my work that they purchased it, is a detail that I look forward to.

Speaking of new~ I always like being introduced to new art blogs and am one to always click away when people post lists of links on their blogs. Not that I ever need to add another one to my huge bloglines subscription list. But here are a few that I really enjoy and that I have not listed before. There are always a few blogs that I always list when I am asked to, but for newness sake, here are, well, some new ones:

1. november moon
2. vivien b
3. joanie san chirico
4. manipelt
5. the altered page
6. alicia bock
7. blue tree art gallery
8. kj
9. blank canvas
10. sculptress studio



  1. Lovely new blog header – naptimes are precious things, I often find that I squander them. Thanks for the links, I visit Cathy’s blog (Novembermoon) on a regular basis, but it is always nice to see some other ones.

  2. I agree, great blog header! I’m in the process of doing mine over too, but it’s a huge job because I want to totally re-do my website to go along with it!

    Anyway, lots of people visiting me today from your link and I appreciate it!

  3. Thanks Sonya, luckily noah was wiped out from our morning music class so he gave me a luxurious 2hour span to get a few other things done besides my blog banner!
    Thanks Dawn, I think I just need to get used to the banner. It looks so big!
    Your welcome Joanie. I love, love your work and am happy to spread the word.

  4. Thank you kindly for the mention. I always like to discover ‘new to me’ blogs – my list is growing daily. Like your new look too:) thanks again, Cathy november moon

  5. Hi Seth! You’re welcome. I’m happy to share your amazing mixed media work with everyone else.

    Your welcome, vivien, and thanks about the header. I always enjoy your blog posts.

    Thank pam and kristen for your comments! I think I will be keeping the banner. 🙂

    Your welcome Cathy. I love your work!

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