|  September 26, 2007

small heartland, oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 8×8 inches

The theme for this week’s Inspire Me Thursday is “Square”. I create a lot of my paintings on square canvases as can be seen in a quick scroll through my recent entries. I don’t really know why other than I just like the feel of it. I’ve made square journals before as well and just love how the shape fits my hands.

This is an “old” painting, painted in 2005 and it now currently resides in Chicago, IL. The reason why I’m posting it under this theme is that the inspiration for this painting came from a larger, not square painting which can be seen here. When I was doing my documentation for this larger painting, I had the image up on my computer screen and I made a a square thumbnail for the index page of my web site. I looked at the thumbnail and thought to myself, hmmmmmm, that looks like a strong composition…And so I grabbed an 8×8 canvas from the nearest art store and created the above piece.

I often think that a thumbnail that I’ve made of a painting would create an interesting painting. If only I had all the time in the world…Well, at least I can file it away as something to work on in the future.


  1. by vivien on September 26, 2007  4:12 am Reply

    oh I agree, there is something very satisfying about a square format and I use it often - and the square sketchbooks too :)

    lovely painting too :)

  2. by H. Buchholz on September 26, 2007  11:04 am Reply

    his is a really great painting!

  3. by Judy Wise on September 26, 2007  1:26 pm Reply

    Love the big one ... such a feeling of "I've seen that" and isolation. Haunting.

  4. by kathy welsh on September 26, 2007  11:05 pm Reply

    Love this piece! Your work is so lovely and haunting. BTW, are you going to Artfest in 2008?

  5. by Nicole V Lozano on September 27, 2007  12:29 am Reply

    Love the texture. It gives it such depth

  6. by ~Gina on September 27, 2007  8:30 am Reply

    Love the simplicity of this piece as well as the texture. Stunning...


  7. by cheryl on September 27, 2007  9:17 pm Reply


  8. by navylane on September 27, 2007  9:50 pm Reply

    I love that you were able to capture such a vastness on such a small canvas. The colors are beautiful, truly.

  9. by Valaine on September 29, 2007  12:11 am Reply

    Oh my! I just stumbled across your blog and I want to say that you create amazing art! "small heartland" is a treasure! :) I'm glad I found your site! I'm going to browse your art site too, you have beautiful taste in colors, content and texture!

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