steadfast spirit

 |  February 17, 2009

steadfast spirit, mixed media
now a cover of a handbound journal

The redesign/reorganization of my web site is finally done! Well, of course, it’s never finally done as a web site, especially for artwork, is never a static thing. But it’s done for now. I added a section called Visual Journals. In this section you can see spreads from two visual journals that I worked in as well as visual journal entries from my day to day journal.

I also just posted a journaling tip tuesday over at blog. I’m thinking that I may take a page from Seattle art walks and make my journaling tips be every First Tuesday of the month, rather than every week. In Seattle, it seemed like every neighborhood had an art walk once a month. There was First Thursday in Pioneer Square, Second Saturday in Ballard, First Friday in Fremont, you get the picture. If I had all the time in the world there are so many things I would like to accomplish…

I haven’t decided yet though. I really enjoy writing the journaling tips, but time management is the issue at hand.


I’ve been in my head a lot these days and one of the themes can be summed up by this quote by Joseph Campbell:

“We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget that the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it’s all about.”

In times of adversity and uncertainty, we are forced to look ourselves square in the mirror and take stock. Doing a lot of that right now. Personal life, art life, family life. It’s good to do this every so often, even if it can be difficult.

{mixed media self portrait from a few years ago}


  1. by Wild Somerset Child on February 18, 2009  4:31 am Reply

    I always feel tingles before opening a new post from you, dear Bridgette, knowing I will see fabulous art; today was no exception; so beautiful. I shall now check out your new website.

    Journaling tips, I love these but agree that time is of the essence, and time also for us journalers, trying to fit everything in: it's would allow time to experiment between your tips - and you could always post intermediate suggestions between monthly main posts. (I'm an interfering old woman, sorry!)

  2. by Carmen on February 18, 2009  11:23 am Reply

    Great quote Bridgette. I can so relate. thanks for sharing that today.

  3. by bridgette on February 18, 2009  12:16 pm Reply

    Thanks Ann and Carmen. That's a really good idea Ann-I think I may do something like that. A journaling tip theme for the month, and then smaller prompts/tips every tuesday. hmmmm. That may work! Thanks again.

  4. by rivergardenstudio on February 18, 2009  2:40 pm Reply

    "steadfast spirit" is lovely, strong and serene and quiet. And I love your visual journals and your re-design of your site. Roxanne

  5. by Seth on February 18, 2009  9:53 pm Reply

    Love the quote and the cover of your journal is so beautiful. Congratulations too on "finishing" the website.

  6. by Tina on February 18, 2009  10:52 pm Reply

    Yay for finishing! I hope you are well. I received my copy of Varietist and loved your work!

  7. by tangled sky studio on February 19, 2009  12:11 am Reply

    this piece is gorgeous and inspirational....congrats on the redesign and thanks for the journaling tip....

    (look for an email from me)

  8. by Jennifer White on February 19, 2009  3:30 am Reply

    Thank you so much for the link to blog..I just purchased the "quiet place" journal and cannot wait to receive it. I'm a newer visitor to your blog and absolutely love it...the quote you listed for today is perfect...thank you for sharing it.

  9. by Shayla on February 21, 2009  11:02 am Reply

    I feel that self-portrait piece is very appropriate to post for taking stock. There's a journey going on there.

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