|  August 4, 2009

encaustic and mixed media
6×8 blank handbound journal
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I created this panel, oh, let’s see, maybe last year? But instead of binding it into a book as it had been intended, I framed it for a show I was in, in Seattle. It was one of those instances where I just needed one more painting to fill up the space. It happens. Anyway, it looked lovely in a frame, but because I had always intended it to be a journal, it just didn’t seem right to me. So I finally decided that it needed to be what it was meant to be and bound it up the other day.

And now I am content.


Thank you for all the well wishes for the show and for those of you that came! I think the best part of it all for me, besides seeing my paintings on the wall, was meeting other Chicago artists and community activists. Who often were, one and the same. Why is it that people who care about their community and work to make changes are often artists or at least creative types? Is there something about the personalities or the outlook on life? hmmmm. I’m not saying that is always the case, but there does seem to be an overlap. Or at least it seems that way.

me and Noah in front of my paintings
{My husband and Noah came to the opening and Noah ran throughout the whole space looking at the art, and then he came to mine at the end and stopped and said, “Mama!” I couldn’t believe that at 2 years old he could already recognize my work! That brought a huge smile on my face.}

The exhibit was held in an alternative space, in that it’s not typically a gallery space. It is actually used for programs for at risk youth. I met the couple who run the space and they were just wonderful. I really admire people who do work like this. The husband does work with Cease Fire-which is a program that helps gang-affiliated youth leave the gangs or stay out of gangs. He teaches them how to film and they have been working on creating their own documentaries. His wife does theatrical productions with another group of teens. They were very inspiring. The organization is called Voice of the City.

I am meeting some really wonderful people here in Chicago. Artists who care about their communities. Care about making a difference. Are passionate about their work and their city. I feel fortunate to be meeting them. Chicago needs people like that.

Anyway, lots of thoughts from this weekend. If we end up staying in Chicago longterm (in the city) and I can figure out how to balance art career and family, I would really love to get involved again in the community as I was in my early twenties. I want Noah to learn too about the value of giving back to community, especially when it is so badly needed. That is really important to me.

And I sold a painting! Hooray!


  1. by Janette Kearns Wilson on August 4, 2009  6:28 pm Reply

    A lovely post, maybe artists are the perfect people to make a difference in the community.

  2. by Lost Aussie on August 4, 2009  7:32 pm Reply

    Congratulation on your exhibition and on selling a painting!
    How fabulous that Noah knows his Mamma's work already!

  3. by merci33 on August 4, 2009  11:17 pm Reply

    Your voice is eloquent and filled with compassion... your sumptuous work and your family... just beautiful...congratulations on the exhibition, on the impact that the community is having on you and on your awarenesses shared...a fantastic and winning combination for us all. Thank you!!

  4. by Kim Hambric on August 5, 2009  7:58 am Reply

    The creative types are the ones that can see the problems and are often the ones that can think out of the box to correct these problems on a "grassroots" level (sorry, that word is so overused).

    Glad you are such a part of the Chicago art world. From a distance, it seems like such a large, forbidding city, yet when I read your blog, I find out otherwise.

  5. by Karin Bartimole on August 5, 2009  10:02 am Reply

    Hi Bridgette, your energy is infused - so glad you are getting to engage with such a rich community. congrats on your sale, and i love love love the new journal! xo k

  6. by Holly - UK on August 5, 2009  3:33 pm Reply

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love your journal covers, espcially when there of trees! xx

  7. by Tina on August 5, 2009  11:55 pm Reply

    How wonderful that Noah recognized your work already. They really just know so much even before they can express it.

    I love the new journal!

  8. by Poetic Artist on August 5, 2009  11:59 pm Reply

    Congrat on the exhibition and for the sale. I love the piece as a journal cover..That is where it belongs. Perfect.

  9. by Kim on August 6, 2009  7:17 am Reply

    Congrats on selling a painting and the exhibition. Your work is just beautiful. Love the journal you have made with the piece, it looks just perfect as it is!

  10. by rivergardenstudio on August 7, 2009  12:47 pm Reply

    I love the photo of you and your son, and the story of how he ran around the studio, recognizing your work. Chicago sounds like such an amazing place. You have really dived in the art world there and I think your transition has been amazing... have a lovely weekend, Roxanne

  11. by Mary on August 8, 2009  5:19 pm Reply

    It is nice to see your lovely face. Congrats on the sale of your painting! I too like the panel as a journal cover. I have been wanting one of your journals, and I think this one is it!!

  12. by Lisa Sarsfield on August 25, 2009  4:54 am Reply

    Absolutely stunning book! Glad I found one here.
    I have noticed that creative types as you put it are often compassionate. Art is just the language many of express it in.

    I so love that book!

  13. by venus on August 27, 2009  7:06 am Reply

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  14. by ArtPropelled on October 9, 2009  1:29 am Reply

    Your work is just so beautiful and very calming to look at. How touching that your little boy found your paintings amongst all the others. You must have been on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

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