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Last year, artist Tracy Helgeson formed a group called The Fine Art Department as a way for artists to come together and promote each other’s work. I am proud to be part of this endeavor again this year. There are some really wonderful artists who are part of the group, please go take a look, feel inspired, and maybe even purchase a painting as a gift for yourself or someone special! We also have a Facebook Fanpage, if you are on facebook.

encaustic and collage
5×5 inches

The above encaustic painting is available in the Art Section of

I am not much of a shopper for myself. I like to buy books, art supplies, things for the kitchen, and art. There is so much art I would love to buy, but let’s face it, buying art can be pricey and other necessities take precedence. As an artist though, and someone who has been selling my journals since 2002 and paintings since 2007, I am so grateful and appreciative of the people who have bought my work and allowed me to keep painting and creating. It is important to me then, to give back to the art community. Support others in their creative endeavors, as others have supported me. So I created an art budget for myself that I call my “Art Tithe” in which I take 10% of what I have brought in the preceding year and I can spend it on art without feeling that tinge of guilt. I can buy smaller pieces or save up and buy just one larger piece of art. This year I bought a beautiful barn painting from Tracy Helgeson and an encaustic painting from Graceann Warn. It feels good to support other artists and it makes me happy to see my art collection growing, slowly, but surely.


  1. I think this is such a good suggestion. I suppose it is what I am doing (and blogged about at ‘Journaling the Journal’ yesterday), spending where I can to buy blogger pieces; which I could not do if I did not have a little personal income from commissioned magazine articles. Thanks for sharing the idea and let’s hope it spreads the word.

  2. Absolutely love Graceann Warn, she is one of my company, Dream Town Media’s clients. Amazing woman and extremely talented artist. Thanks for supporting her!

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