the keeper

 |  October 2, 2008

the keeper, 6×8 inch blank journal
mixed media and encaustic cover

I remember reading an article about the vanishing bee colonies explaining that the honey bee is critical in the food production on this planet of ours. The humble bumble bee, the keeper of life. It is scary to think about the implications of the vanishing bees.

This 6×8 blank journal is now available at amanobooks.


Even though I have my own web shop, I also have a shop set up on etsy. I like the concept of etsy as well as the energy there. Oh, and don’t forget the shopping there! Actually I try not to do too much browsing there because there are so many cool things to buy there.

Tangled Sky Studio told me about an Etsy Team called The BEE team which is a group of artists there who work in encaustics. They have a nifty web site that they set up that has links and info and all sorts of cool things. I am now a member of the team and I am looking forward to participating in the group. I’m hoping that by being part of this group, I may get motiviated to keep my etsy shop updated on a regular basis.


  1. by PJ on October 3, 2008  8:19 pm Reply

    Google one of my favorite blogs - The Woolen Rabbit you will BEE very glad :)

  2. by Binky on October 4, 2008  2:26 am Reply

    Very cool! I have had the B.E.E team blog up on my desk for a few days waiting for the time to sign on..

  3. by Jeane on October 4, 2008  4:04 pm Reply

    Bridgette - I love this little bee amid this richly patinated surface.

  4. by Origami Nightingale on October 4, 2008  8:46 pm Reply

    Beautiful bee piece! It looks likes its covered in honey. :)

    And thanks for the tip on the BEE group. I'll have to check that out!

  5. by rivergardenstudio on October 4, 2008  9:28 pm Reply

    "The Keeper" is beautiful! Thank you for sharing another piece of your beautiful art work! Roxanne

  6. by Genie on October 5, 2008  3:09 am Reply

    Beautiful work Bridgette, hope your all settling down in your New home?

  7. by tangled sky studio on October 5, 2008  8:00 am Reply

    As soon as I pulled this post up I smiled and thought...welcome to the team! I'd love to add this piece to October's "bee" gallery (may I?). This cover is sooo beautiful. It's rich colors and texture really call out to be touched or held in one's hand. Lovely!

  8. by Karen Mowrey on October 6, 2008  8:14 am Reply

    I came here and what did I see?
    found some art that shows a bee...
    if you don't mind,
    I would like the world to see,
    a link, a picture, in a post from me!

    Smile you have "bee"n spotted! I do a weekly bee spotting post and would like to show you off in my next post, usually every Tuesday. If you wish not to bee featured, let me know ASAP!!

    This one is real near and dear to me beecause the name of my art business is "Blue Bee Designs"


  9. by Paula Scott on October 7, 2008  1:01 am Reply

    ooooooo! Thanks for the Bee Team link! An added bonus when I already feel so indulgent in viewing your work!

  10. by ~*~Patty Szymkowicz on October 7, 2008  12:12 pm Reply

    Had to stop by after reading Karen's Bee Spotting today. This piece is SO fantastic! Beautiful artwork!

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