the unknown

the unknown, mixed media, 5×7 inches

This panel was a happy accident. Sometimes it serves me good to be so messy when I am in the midst of one of my creating frenzies. I had created a transfer of a tree on top of a page I had ripped out out of a French textbook on architecture. The transfer was very blurry, but I liked the softness of the colors. I decided to keep it around to use as a possible background for a later project. I had it on my worktable and by chance a black and white photocopy of a flower landed on top of it. it sat there for a few days and I would see the accidental composition out of the corner of my eye everytime I came down to my studio. It spoke to me more and more until I just had to do it. So I created a transfer of the flower and laid it on top of the tree transfer. Paint and other bits of this and that were added to the panel and then it was done.

I often have a clear idea of where I want my paintings to go when I begin. At times I stray as I encounter problems or make discoveries. I also have an idea when I start my mixed media panels, but sometimes they just happen to me. Like this one. It’s just a matter of listening and being open to whatever possibilities that may happen.

This panel has been bound into a journal and is available at amanobooks.


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