the weight of memory

Weight of Memory
encaustic and mixed media
8×8 inches

Weight of Memory is also a piece that I created for the Somerset Studio article. This is another painting that brings together a lot of my mixed media loves. The tree image is one of my favorite photos of a tree that lives by my sister’s house. I have used this tree so much in my work over the years that I pretty much think of it as MY tree. Whenever I go stay at my sister’s house I always make sure to greet my tree, even in the dead of winter.

I played around with the image in photoshop this time around. Again, the image was dipped in encaustic medium to help in the adhesion of the paper to the wax that was already on the substrate. For this piece I actually left the top and the bottom of the paper exposed. I liked the ripped edges encased in wax and wanted to keep the effect.

Frayed pieces of cheesecloth were also adhered to the board with encaustic medium. Because I painted this piece on a wood panel, I was able to hammer in little tack nails onto the surface, adding another surface element to the composition.

And, of course, I painted with encaustic paint and oil paints.

After I finished the painting and handed the image over to the editors, I brought the painting over to Sacred Art, a funky gallery/store in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. They show several of my small encaustic paintings. I was happy to hear that this painting sold within one week of being dropped off there! I guess I’m not the only person who feels a connection to my tree. I love that tree.


  1. p.s.
    i am having quite a time finding a copy of the nov/dec somerset issue…i was so disappointed last weekend when i went to several stores and they were sold out!
    i may just order it online…

  2. Bridget, I too love trees – particularly those bare of leaves. Appreciate your description of the creation o that wonderful piece, so quickly sold (I am sure many will be envious). The best I achieve in tree-art are via gel-image transfers.

    I hope you are well, and the children.

  3. Lovely! funny you say ‘MY tree’…I say MY mountain…I feel that connection to nature for sure as if no one else can of MY certain connections

  4. Congratulations on your published Somerset article. I saw your image on a preview cover. You have a depth of mystery and beauty in your work. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing the article in person.

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