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 |  December 13, 2007


Working lots of retail during my college years pretty much ruined christmas for me for a good long while. But now with Noah, there is a sense of renewal. A spark of memory of what Christmas used to be about.

…except today when I had to go and do some christmas shopping. I really hate shopping. With all the nieces and nephews and godchildren between the two of us, I had a dozen kids to shop for. I’m trying not to focus on the consumerism of the holidays because that is not what it means to me. It is hard though when it’s all around.

I have been feeling like I’m falling behind. Constantly trying to catch up. Emails to write. Cards to send out. Web sites to update. Presents to wrap. My to-do lists are piling up. I have art work that I would like to post about but just don’t have the time to do so. Hopefully I can manage to get everything under control with the appearance of being under contraol, and just let myself enjoy the beautiful moments that I am blessed with everyday. Like the one pictured above~decorating our tree. Noah’s first Christmas.


  1. by Kim Hambric on December 13, 2007  11:54 am Reply

    I'm so glad I got to read your post. My 5-year-old daughter is out of school today thanks to the snow and sleet in central Pennsylvania. Today was going to be spent catching up on my quilt commission and I was very upset about only getting to spend 30 minutes on it. My daughter and I are now going to make a huge mess making cookies for a party this weekend. Then we will make a few Christmas cards together. I feel so much better now. Thanks!

  2. by hezza on December 13, 2007  2:09 pm Reply

    I have very sweet memories of Christmases spent with you and your family. This post reminded of how before you and DJ would arrive, JoAnn would take every ornament off of her beautifully decorated tree, so that we could all decorate it together.

    Also, speaking of presents... the best present I ever got was a hand written book JoAnn made for me about the spirit of Christmas. It was a lean year and store-bought presents weren't possible. Each year I pull it out with all of my Christmas things and place it next to the Christmas Carol and the book of "Catmas Carols" (don't ask).

    I could go on and on with the memories...laughing hysterically when Yvette fell asleep during Christmas dinner. Your Mom & Dad checking my blood pressure every five minutes, pancit and chicken adobo, mariachi bands for breakfast, late night giggle marathons, being the big pale sister. Treasured memories of you girls and Melba (and Tito too!). Go make more memories sweet girl.

  3. by bridgette on December 14, 2007  1:35 am Reply

    Glad I helped out Kim! Although right now I'm going through some holiday stress meltdown. Serenity now, serenity now... :)

    Hi Heather- I think of you too when I think of good Christmas memories. For some reason I also then think of must have brough an Elvis Christmas cd over for the tree decorating. :) And for the record, the mariachi band at breakfast was totally a weird one time thing, not a Guerzon tradition!
    xoxo, bri

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