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 |  October 10, 2011

It seems like I have always incorporated thread, stitching, or cloth in my mixed media works. In my Expecting Series (2007), I adhered string and thread on my oil paintings and embedded the same in the encaustic paintings. The idea behind that was the connections between generations: grandmother, mother, child. Woman to child, and so on and so on.

8×6 inch handbound blank journal
mixed media cover
created June 2011

Last year around when my father passed away, I started to really incorporate stitching markings into my paintings. The idea of mending, patching together, holding together.

The Life of Trees
handbound blank journal
mixed media cover
8×6 inches
September 2011

And this year I have been piecing together bits of paper or pieces of cloth fragments into my mixed media paintings.

Fragmented Time
handbound blank journal
8×6 inches
mixed media cover
September 2011

These ideas have always been with me, working subtly or more overtly. I have always been drawn to the idea of life as a pieced together quilt. Each experience and each person in my life, forming a part of my life’s quilt. Held together, pieced together, forming a whole. At times, seams coming apart, unraveling.

The Thread that Binds
handbound blank journal
7×5 inches
mixed media cover
October 2011

It’s interesting to me to see themes in my work that have always been there and that I continue to work on, to ponder while I paint or collage. And their voices get louder and stronger with each piece. I often want to work in a series, but it never quite works out as I always seem to be trying to work on multiple projects at the same time. And yet, whether I am working on my mixed media panels for my journals or on my encaustic paintings or acrylic paintings- I am still working out the same issues, the same symbols, getting deeper in the depth of my meaning and what I’m trying to say.

Living Memories
handbound blank journal
7×5 inches
mixed media cover
Ocotber 2011

Never sure if my meaning gets transmitted to others, but I know that it makes sense to me. And my art makes sense of me. And really, that’s what it’s all about.

Recently I have been working on journals as I will be sending some out to the Tubac Center of the Arts for their Holiday Artisan Show. I will also be sending a few out to Everett, Washington for a new venue that will carry my work called 3231 Creatives. And of course, I always try to keep a few of my handbound mixed media journals for sale over at

Unfortunately whenever I start binding in earnest, I am reminded why I needed to put a halt to that. My hands just can’t handle it. So, while I have slowed down production in journals for some time now. I am beginning to get to the stage of acceptance- that I will need to stop making journals to sell. It pains me to say it and I have a feeling it will still take me some time to accept that.


  1. by layers on October 11, 2011  12:01 am Reply

    I like your combinations of stitching, fabric and imagery.. and I do see your themes of connection, family, life...

  2. by tangled sky studio on October 11, 2011  12:42 am Reply

    your images speak volumes and that is why so many of us love your work ....these are beautiful.

  3. by Linda Branch Dunn on October 11, 2011  7:37 am Reply

    Any of these would be fine freed from the journal form and hung on the wall. No need for "function" - they would be inspiration and beauty every day. Beautiful work.

  4. by ArtPropelled on October 11, 2011  8:13 am Reply

    I agree with Linda. Your journals are exquisite but the artwork would be just as beautiful on canvas on the wall.

  5. by trish on October 11, 2011  10:31 am Reply

    oh these are so inspiringly delicious B :))))

  6. by Teri on October 11, 2011  10:42 am Reply

    I always love everything that you do. Your work is wonderful and really connects with my heart-strings too!

  7. by Carrie on October 11, 2011  11:47 am Reply

    I really love all of them, and I agree with Linda, I'd happily have one on the wall as an art work in its own right.

  8. by Carole on October 11, 2011  12:10 pm Reply

    Autumn seems to be a time of reflection for artists. Maybe you are headed into a new season with your art that will be functional in a different way....hanging on someone's wall for them to enjoy each time their eyes look at it. Each piece of art on this post is lovely.

  9. by Jane Moore Houghton on October 11, 2011  3:44 pm Reply

    Lovely work! Drawn to the use of thread and stitching but haven't figured out how to make it work in my work yet. Carry on! All the best to you.

  10. by windrock studio on October 11, 2011  5:31 pm Reply

    That is what it's all about ~ this is just breathtaking work, each one.

  11. by Kelly Jeanette Swift on October 11, 2011  9:42 pm Reply

    I love to see how you incorporate stitchery and wax and cloth. zyou have such an unique vision.

  12. by Shayla on October 14, 2011  4:01 pm Reply

    I'm sorry to hear your disappointment. I know how it feels to have to change things in our art practice to respect our bodies. The others have put it well, your work will continue beautifully on canvas. BTW, the first time I saw one of your pieces 5-6 years ago in Sommerset Studio I felt a strong connection to it. It's easy as a viewer to have a subconscious 'conversation' with your work.

  13. by Seth on October 15, 2011  8:46 pm Reply

    I love your journals and hearing about the different forms of symbolism that inspire your use of fabric and thread makes me like them even more.

  14. by Caryl on October 16, 2011  6:39 am Reply

    I have always admired your work. I cannot buy these materials in SA but I wanted to ask you, do you have to use the crystals?

  15. by Amanda Pinkston on October 16, 2011  11:24 am Reply

    Beautiful work! I'm inspired to start stitching!

  16. by Alexi on November 9, 2011  5:59 pm Reply

    They're so beautiful! I love trees and birds and yours are so haunting and ethereal

  17. by Lynda Howells on November 14, 2011  5:08 pm Reply

    Love cloth, stitches,and l love just adore your workxxlynda

  18. by Wen Redmond on December 26, 2011  8:55 am Reply

    beautiful work. Where is the journal Winthrop?

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