to begin

to begin, mixed media and encaustic, 12×9 inches

This afternoon I will be taking my work down from Cugini’s cafe in Ballard and meeting the buyer of the above painting. We spoke on the phone for quite a while yesterday as she wanted to know what my thoughts were behind this piece. It was actually a very interesting conversation for me because of the relevance that painting and thoughts behind it have for my life right now.

One of the things that we talked about was how sometimes things need to end in order to have a beginning. Like that old saying, a door shuts in order for new ones to open.

She also told me that this was the first time she ever bought an original piece of art before. That makes me happy to be the first! And happy that I hung at a coffeeshop. It may not be the most presitigious place to hang, but I really like to be part of the community. I also feel like it reaches people who would probably never step into a gallery. But of course, showing at a gallery is the best opportunity, especially as one’s career grows. It is much easier on the artist too! You just send them the work and they handle the rest.

Just writing out loud. Not sure what I’m saying. Does it really matter, the venue? I am sure it does, depending on one’s perspective and ultimate goal. Above all, I am just grateful to show my work and to have people feel compelled enough to want to bring it into their homes. That is all that matters to me.

I will also be stopping by Greener Lifestyles to pick up this painting:

love like an ocean
love like an ocean, encaustic

“Love like an Ocean” will be shipping out all the way to the other coast. Shipping encaustics out in the middle of summer always leaves me worried. But anyone who has recieved one of my paintings in the mail, knows that I am neurotic when it comes to packaging up!

I will actually be keeping my work up at Greener Lifestyles longer than planned. I sold 5 paintings there this month and I hope more will sell now that I will my work up there for another Second Saturday Art Walk.

Back to packing. Less than 2 weeks now until I am in Illinois……


  1. I absolutely love your work. To Begin just took my breath away. I can’t stop staring at it. The buyer is very fortunate to have this piece.


  2. I have been away and wanted to catch up on your blog. These two pieces are so dramatic and lovely. I have not tried encaustics but the depth in your pieces is amazing. Is your studio really messy? Roxanne

  3. ‘to begin’ intrigues me…very enticing. I love the monochromatic palette.
    It’s taking me somewhere…looks like I will have to jump!

    ‘love like an ocean’ has the depth of one…you have captured emotion…soulful

  4. You are really bringing your encaustics to a new beautiful level. There is something more in them, more depth. There must be feelings inside of you helping to bring this out. Or perhaps as I grow to love them as a viewer and read your blog I am seeing more in them personally. Thanks for sharing them with me.

  5. Hey, girl… I really enjoyed reading about your musings on hanging in a gallery versus a coffee shop. You made some good points for each, I think. Congratulations on all of your recent successes! Hugs, Shari

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