|  February 22, 2008

We just came back from a trip out to Chicago and I am feeling pretty bone-weary tired. But I am looking forward to Stephanie Lee’s workshop hosted by Trish Seggebruch taking place tomorrow. I really don’t do very “well” in workshops. I hardly ever finish anything. I kind of flounder around actually. I get distracted and I find it hard to focus. I guess I don’t work well with others! But at the same time, it is a jolt to the system to be around the hum created by the creative energy of others working in one room.

I’m there to absorb, learn, experiment mainly. And then go to my studio and work out what I hopefully absorbed on my own time. In my own space. With all my stuff.

counting, encaustic, 5×7 inches

I am excited to announce that I will be participating in a group show called “Women in Wax” at Expressive Arts Studio in Everett, Washington coming up in March. The show was put together by Karon Leigh who I will see tomorrow afternoon to hand off three of my paintings. The painting above is one of the paintings that will hang in the show. The opening reception will be Friday March 7th from 6pm – 9pm.


  1. by thealteredpage on February 22, 2008  12:46 pm Reply

    congrats on the show and good luck at the workshop. counting is beautiful -- i love the deep etching of the numbers.

  2. by Raine K on February 22, 2008  2:45 pm Reply

    Congrats on the show - sounds very cool. I need to find some encaustic artists in ABQ.

  3. by Natalya on February 22, 2008  4:55 pm Reply

    a very dream like piece... thank you...

  4. by cherylol on February 22, 2008  7:18 pm Reply

    yay! Congratulations!!! I wish I could go up and see it. I am so the same way in workshops LOL. I just use what I learned later on.

  5. by Anonymous on February 22, 2008  8:47 pm Reply

    In my experience, workshops are to learn a new technique, and it's not important to finish that particular piece. Glean what you can from the experience, and use it in another project. Anna

  6. by Mary Buek on February 23, 2008  11:44 am Reply

    Beautiful piece. I love your work.

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