Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Transfiguration, encaustic mixed media, 25×19 inches

Back in May I wrote about a piece called Deconstruction that I made for the November show coming up where I excavated and resurrected an older piece under layers of wax. And that in so doing it became something else. These past few months that piece has been hanging on my studio wall and I knew that I wanted to make another piece like it, but this time with the experience, doing it with intent from the beginning.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Transfiguration and Deconstruction, encaustic mixed media including repurposed fabric.

I just finished it this week and I posted it on my IG and one person commented that it reminded her of a piece I did many years ago (2010) that was made out of plaster and hung vertically together. It’s funny because I never would have made that connection, but after she said that, I was like, yes, of course! I had made a few more on panels with plaster several years after that, but they were still small, 6×6 inches. I always wanted to go bigger. It just took me a little over a decade to get there. ha! All in good time, I guess. And no plaster this time.

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from social media since the beginning of September. Not completely, but just not as much. I took FB off my phone, which honestly cut down the time I spend on there tremendously. But the comment on my Instagram about my older work reminded me that while social media can be such an awful beast, there is still wonderful side to it and that is the creative community that can be found there. A community that uplifts and inspires and encourages each other and also journeys together.

Also- yes, transfiguration has religious connotations, but I’m not trying to make that connection. I just like the word. It’s about transformation, metamorphosis, and change.

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