It feels like it’s been a long time since I last posted. We took a family trip to Maryland to visit my family and attend Preakness and had so much fun. When we got back, it took me a bit to readjust back to our daily routine…and then my computer had a meltdown! So I was unable to get on the computer for several days during which I actually got a lot done. Gives me something to think about there.

oil and mixed media
36×18 inches

I recently finished this oil and mixed media painting that I have been working on since the beginning of this year. One of the things that I have set out to do is use up my canvases that I have in stock, and that includes painting over some of my very, very old works. My husband thinks that is a bad practice- painting over old paintings. I understand his argument and I am selective over which paintings I paint over. The original painting under this one was really horrendous though! It was something I painted in my early 20s when I was going through a hard time, feeling disconnected from myself. I started painting a little then, in our cramped, ugly studio apartment that we lived in. The painting was more like therapy than anything else. Anyway, it served its purpose, there was no way I would ever sell it, much less show it to anyone, or even hang in my house. So what’s the point of it taking up space in my storage closet? So, it got painted over and became “Transitions”.


I began this current painting in January when I was working on my commission piece. It was inspired by this spread I created in Seth Apter’s book. As you can see it took quite a turn! As I’ve worked on this painting it became a meditation on my transition from our life in the Pacific Northwest to Chicago living.


It’s been a rough transition. I do feel like I have adjusted to living here, but life feels a little more rushed here, a lot more gritty. But I am definitely feeling more at ease than I was a few months ago. I think what marked this easing into my life here was when I started my series on the prairie plants and studying the environs of the midwest. If it’s showing up in my artwork, then it means that my environment is getting a hold of me. Or at least it’s my way of accepting it.

detail, bottom center

This detail above lies in the center of the painting and it is a prairie plant.


  1. I love your work whatever you do – and yes, I truly believe that plants help one to focus on place, and ground one in where one is at any particular time. When I think of places I visit and have travelled to, it is always the plants that flood into my memory before any other aspect.

  2. I love the fact that you’re painting bigger & bigger – so many more little details to discover in each piece. And I agree with you about the canvases (canvi?). LOL! It is impossible to buy a large square canvas in this town, and I needed one a few days ago – I could see the painting’s outline in my head & it had to be sqaure. (I’m a square-format gal anywya.) So I dug old paintings or partial paintings out of the horrible, creepy, dark back closet & began gessoing over them all. Loved that & & loved seeing how awful some of the old stuff really was. So I got new surfaces, I got better self-esteem seeing my growth, and I got a new painting I love.

    You are a constant inspiration.

    🙂 Debi

  3. hi there bridgette! i was so happy to stop over and see a new post here. 🙂
    i wished time could just stand still while i’m on the computer-i get so much more done without it but i always come back. ahhh-it’s a love/hate relationship.:)
    the new painting really draws me in-it is beautiful. i love the bird on the wire-resting for now but what next…i feel a little like that bird today.:)
    and i would have painted over the old work also-goodness, it makes this piece even more meaningful-love that. 🙂 although i can’t imagine you ever creating anything horrendous!

  4. I try very hard to find different words to describe how I feel when I see your work, but alas, I always return to beautiful and peaceful – I really like this piece and also your description of your journey with it 🙂

  5. No wonder I haven’t seen anything in awhile from you! Sounds like the trip was nice.
    Even without reading the description of the painting, I immediately got it as to what the piece was about!
    It is significant and beautiful.

  6. Both beautiful Bridgette. I love where you have taken the second piece. The difference that is apparent from the original inspiration does tell me that you are adjusting to the transition.

  7. Evocative! You’ve captured the feeling of “city” so well. I can hear it, the cars, sirens and bustle when I look at your piece.

  8. When you were here in the Pacific Northwest, I could see the influence of place in your work. I don’t know the place you are now, so perhaps I will learn of it from seeing your new work. I like the feeling in this piece. Congratulations on your transitions, outer and inner.

  9. I think it is great that you made something new and wonderful out of something old. Old pieces you are no longer connected with can weigh you down. Love the bird and the red house shape.

  10. transition – many people are going through that right now – I’m facing a move too – it does take time isn’t it? It would only be natural for that to be reflected in our art!!

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