Udon Stirfry

Ever since we left Seattle (2008) I dreamt of a noodle dish I would always get at a noodle restaurant there and it wasn’t until this past year that I finally found a recipe that came close to it after I added a couple of things. The original recipe is amazing, so definitely give that a try. I added mushrooms because the dish I used to order had mushrooms and I love mushrooms. I also only use minced fresh ginger. As the original recipe says you can use ground, but fresh is better, in my opinion! I also had to increase the noodle amount as I have a 14 year old boy who eats an astonishing amount of food right now. Because of that I also usually get more than a pound of the beef. This has become a family dinner staple. Everyone loves this, including my picky one. I also serve with fresh steamed rice.

The design of my illustration is from the packaging of the shelf stable instant style udon noodles that I buy. I buy #2 or #15 on this list depending on what store I’m shopping at. What an amazing product. I now stock up on these packages. I never want to be without! Yum.

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