|  October 27, 2021
Unconditional, mixed media collage by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Unconditional, mixed media collage, 20×10 inches

Last post I wrote about being in the in between. I’m still feeling that way. I made this piece even before I made the last one with the dragonfly. I had been feeling under the weather and didn’t want to turn my wax on. I had also been thinking more and more about going back to acrylic mixed media work instead of encaustic. Sometimes I just want to change things up. But how? And what?

This piece somehow came to be and it was so organic in the coming out….like, I wasn’t thinking too hard, questioning myself too much. It was cathartic in a way.

I realized that my creative process is unconditional for me….in the sense that when I let go, it’s there for me. Unrestricted. The question is how to tap into that flow. How to let go?

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