unspoken truths

unspoken truths, encaustic and mixed media, 10×8 inches

One of the characteristics of encaustics that I love is the texture. Whether it is lumpy and bumpy or smooth as glass. I have a hard time with getting the wax to be smooth and flat, but that’s ok as I am a lumpy, bumpy kind of person.

What’s even better than just the inherent texture of the medium, is when I am able to add even more texture by adding piece of this and that to the surface. In this painting, I incised into the wax to create more texture. But I also added a piece of gridded fabric. The wax acts as an adhesive in this case. Once I added the fabric though, the mood of the piece totally changed. Much darker and moodier. I felt that it was a nice balance though with the transfer I had created of the plant on the right side.


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